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discount moncler outlet 8 points submitted 13 days agoI used to watch Sister Wives and have watched some epsidoes of Seeking Sister Wife (couldn watch that one, they were all too annoying). The other night I had a dream about my husband deciding (without my input) that he was not only taking another wife, he was doing so right before we were about to go to bed. So he was off to new wife and sprung it on me right at bedtime. I looked into divorcing him the next day and was crying to my mom. Then I woke up and realized I was still happily married and the only wife. IT FELT SO REAL THOUGH! I now know I 100% don get multiple wives, lol.AuburnJulie 1 point submitted 13 days agoI’ve been on Poshmark since 2013 and not once has answering a question ever resulted in a sale (or even an offer for that matter). So I don’t bother anymore. I sense that many of the people who ask questions (at least in my closet) are just tire kickers. I get plenty of sales from people who come along and just purchase the item without any hassle so I’m happy to wait for those buyers. Admittedly I don’t flip and just sell items from my own closet. If I were to ever get more serious cheap moncler coats mens and start buying stuff to resell I’d probably have to rethink my stance.pupperonipizza 10 points submitted 13 days agoI always respond to questions. Because although the original asker may not respond, someone else may see my answer and may have had the same question. Case in point, someone made an offer on a dress I had. I countered, they never responded. Two days later someone asked for more measurements. Within a couple hours, https://www.newmoncleroutlet.com the first person who had made an offer, made a new, higher offer that I accepted. You not answering questions for one person, you answering them for every single person that looks at your items.pupperonipizza 4 points submitted 22 days agoI never understood this view point of being selfish. Who are you being selfish to? An unfertilized egg? So the opposite would be being selfless. Whose needs are there that you need to put before your own?! Certainly not your coworkers. Who else do you need to think about if no one else depends on you?! And for what it worth, I do want kids. Please don think everyone who wants kids is so rude and stupid! I swear, some of us couldn care less whose uterus creates a person cheap moncler jackets or not. You be as “selfish” as you want. It has zero impact on a single other person on Earth.pupperonipizza 7 points submitted 22 days agoIf I was tech savy and could make my own, or how someone else said their partner cheap moncler sale made theirs, I be moncler sale open to it, but not necessarily jumping on board right away. But for me, it not Poshmark s rules that I care about, it who controlling these bots. With all the hacks and data breeches lately, I don want to give anyone access to an account that linked to my bank account. Your Poshmark account has your address, name, email, and bank routing information. No way am I voluntarily relinquishing that to an unvetted stranger. With all this Cambridge Analytica, Equifax, Facebook stuff going on, you literally can trust anyone. Call me paranoid, but clearly there at least a couple people in the world who can be trusted with private data. I don want to open the door to yet another person/entity getting financial or personal data. You don know who they sharing servers with, what they do with the data, how they encrypt it or whatever. Not worth making a couple extra sales in my opinion. And yes, I know people could get that info elsewhere if they really wanted it. I know there are bigger fish to fry. I know in the grand scheme of things I already have more data out in the ether than a bot would have access to. I get all that. But why unnecessarily moncler outlet online open another door for access to my info? For me, not worth it. But I not gonna lambaste someone else for what choices they make with their data.pupperonipizza 1 point submitted 22 days agoFor the past 4 years I would follow thousands of people a week. While I was watching tv I find someone with thousands of followers and follow their followers. Rinse. Repeat. I have over 200K followers. I don get anymore sales now than I did a year ago at 150K followers or 2 years ago at 100K followers. Meanwhile, people with 12K followers moncler outlet prices are selling stuff like hot cakes. So I stopped about 2 months ago. Sales have stayed the same. It had no effect on my sales. Instead I taking better pics and uploading more when I can. I not going moncler outlet store to waste my time blindly following people anymore. I share my own stuff more than I share others. But I do share others items here and there. I not going tit for tat though. If Jane Smith shares 10 items I not going to immediately share 10 of hers. I share whatever I come across as I on there. It could be someone that just shared my items, someone I follow on Instagram, or someone who i just like their moncler sale online stuff. I don keep track of if I share someone stuff, do they share mine back. I really don care. Although, if someone has 0 shares on top of their profile, I won bother sharing their stuff bc I see it doesn matter to them. Bottom line though, I not bothering to get anymore followers. I have a lot more than most users and it hasn made cheap moncler jackets womens a difference.pupperonipizza 2 points submitted 22 days agoI have the chair version of that couch!!!! I love it. One problem to look out for though, the legs are screwed in our chair in an best moncler jackets odd way. Instead of screwed in at an angle (to prevent the legs from rotating around), they screwed straight up into the frame. So when we move the chair, the legs rotate around, sometimes inward. Be careful with that. It wasn enough for us to return it, but something to keep an eye on. But it been so comfortable! Enjoy!pupperonipizza 3 points submitted 22 days agoI made about 3 or 4 sales using the private offer feature. One of which being minutes after someone liked the item. As potentially annoyed as likers may be from it, if it makes me money, I going to keep using it. It doesn work all the time and I only use it here and there. But, I have sold things that I previously had never received any interest in. One of which being a jacket I relisted 3 times and had posted for nearly 2 years (determined to recoup my $30 from that stupid purchase). So yeah, as a buyer/liker it may moncler outlet woodbury be annoying. But all you have to do is either ignore it or unlike it. I moncler uk outlet unliked things bc of it that i know I will never buy. It definitely not going anywhere anytime soon though.pupperonipizza 26 points submitted 24 days ago More outlets. moncler womens jackets Everywhere. There about 6 different spots around the house where I always think “I should have added an outlet here” Can/recessed light above the shower. I think that would have been pretty cool. Added more personal touches. I picked out all the tiles, fixtures, etc to make everything as neutral and safe as possible. We hope to only be here 10 or so years before moving moncler sale outlet on to a bigger “forever” house. But I wish I at least pushed the envelope a little on design elements and not been so safepupperonipizza 6 points submitted 1 month agoI buy plain white tissue paper dirt cheap the cheap moncler jackets mens week after Christmas. uk moncler sale I talking like 50 cents for 100 sheets. I always wrap everything in white tissue paper (1 or 2 pieces per item) and place it in a free USPS bag or box. I write a thank you note on little notepads that I gotten as gifts moncler usa over the years. Like little cutesy notepads the size of discount moncler jackets a credit card that aren terribly useful. So essentially the only packaging I pay for is the tissue paper. Which is less than a penny per item. No complaints yet and nearly all 5 star reviews. I don have the time for fancy stuff.pupperonipizza moncler outlet 19 points submitted 1 month agoPutting “price firm” or “non negotiable” doesn always work. I put “NO TRADES” in every listing and still get asked to trade. Why would putting “price firm” or something similar have a different moncler online store effect? I tried it. People still submit offers. If the seller doesn want to budge more than the price they have listed, they don have to. Not everyone wants to negotiate. I have certain items listed that I lowered up to 50% and they as low as I willing to sell them for. If anyone offered me lower on some, I would either just counter the listing price or maybe a couple dollars off. As long as the seller isn nasty, uk moncler outlet I don really see a problem with not wanting to negotiate much lower than their list price.dodobird7 9 points submitted 1 month agoCompletely agree. I have items in my closet sometimes for a year or more moncler outlet sale just waiting for the right buyer. I would never accept a low offer, just on general principle. Most times I will accept a reasonable offer but it depends on my feelings for that particular item. I have several items for sale that I would not discount at all except the cost of shipping, because I would rather keep them if I can’t get my listed price. Lots of people buy without haggling or asking any questions. People newmoncleroutlet are more likely to follow a page that shares tips, inspirational posts, etc about Posh, and you can also slyly promote your own closet from time to time in there as well. Things like tags, hauls, and cleaning tricks like /u/dayqueen mentioned are what I think people like to see discount moncler outlet.

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