Exxaro is bringing several new mines into development and will

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canada goose black friday sale The additional export entitlement at Richard Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) will become effective on July 1 and save the company money, Exxaro said.Exxaro will now be able to replace some of its expensive leased allotments with its own quotas, spokesman Trevor Arran said.costs will be significantly lower, he said, declining to give figures due to a confidentiality clause with BHP Billiton Energy Coal South Africa Ltd about the price of the allocation.Exxaro is currently one of the smallest exporters among RBCT shareholders. It exports some 2.5 million tonnes of coal a year through 800,000 tonnes of its own entitlement at RBCT and additional leased entitlement, it said in the statement.Exxaro said its total export quota will rise again by the second quarter of 2009 to 6.3 million tonnes when the 20 million tonne Phase V expansion at RBCT is completed.export entitlement at RBCT is aligned with our growth objectives that include obtaining a strong position in the export coal market, said Ernst Venter, executive general manager of Exxaro coal division.Exxaro is bringing several new mines into development and will need more export capacity as a result, canada goose clearance Exxaro sources said.RBCT exports are expected to be around 67 million tonnes this year, industry sources said.BHP Billiton is the largest shareholder in RBCT and the largest exporter with around 24 million tonnes a year of capacity. Export tonnage is apportioned according to equity in RBCT.BHP has for many years produced less coal in South Africa than it possessed export allocation, industry sources said canada goose black friday sale.

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