I just happened to end up talking to their person who was

Lag Bolts are the best way to secure items to the playa

Burning cheap moncler jackets Man is devoted to acts of moncler outlet prices gift giving. The value of a gift is unconditional. We stand ready to protect our culture uk moncler sale from cheap moncler jackets mens such exploitation. No one other than the individual or a moncler uk outlet collaborating group can determine its content. It is offered as a gift to others. Community members who organize events should assume responsibility for public welfare and endeavor to communicate civic responsibilities to participants. They must also assume responsibility moncler outlet for conducting events in accordance with local, moncler sale outlet state and federal laws.Leaving No TraceOur community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no moncler usa physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We believe that transformative change, whether moncler womens jackets in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation. We achieve being through cheap moncler jackets womens doing. uk moncler outlet Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. We seek to overcome barriers that stand between us and a recognition of our inner selves, the reality of those best moncler jackets around us, participation in society, and contact with a natural world exceeding human powers. Not affiliated with them in any way, but I want to give a shout out to that company. I cheap moncler coats https://www.kinkhost.com mens in Boston, and moncler outlet sale it turns out they a small local shop that just happens to be 45 minutes south of me. I had www.kinkhost.com nothing but great service from them, and they stock a truly astonishing selection of hardware. If you local, you can drive down and pick up the bolts same day, which is awesome. You can also cheap moncler sale return unused hardware if you buy too much. They able to tension a really massive structure moncler outlet store very securely. I camped next to them last time I was there and never saw that giant frame ever suggest unstability.I just happened to end up talking to their person who was responsible for setup and teardown and he said moncler sale he never ever pound rebar again. Power drill drives a 2 foot bolt in with just a few seconds effort, and the same drill pulls it right back out with moncler sale online minimal playa damage. No more sledge hammer and no more struggling with a vice grip or pry bar trying to get rebar out.Fucking kids are all going to end up a bunch of pussies. ;)Lag bolts are amazing, but I would recommend getting longer ones than these. 14″ is good, 18″ is overkill (but some applications need overkilling).The thing about playa is the top layer is loose and soft, and the depth at which it becomes hard packed is variable. It often an inch or two or four, and a 12″ lag bolt is perfectly good. But moncler outlet woodbury sometimes (especially on the low side of the clock, particularly around 4:00) it can be nearly a foot deep. In these situations, you might find 12″ moncler outlet online lag bolts are totally useless.14″ is only a little bit longer, but it can be discount moncler jackets a very important two inches moncler online store (lol) if you get an unlucky spot.Edit: This 50 pack is good, and is much cheaper than anywhere else I found them. If you don have a camp to stake down you might need to split them with a friend or two. Lag screws also make an amazing gift to a neighboring camp that is spending hours pounding rebar.

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