It was Harmonic Convergence itself

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buy canada goose jacket Well, the thing is that Bats is a bullet timer. He can and does consistently dodge bullets after they’re fired. This of course is plot armor, but it’s nevertheless a plot armor that he always has. It’s just an impossible thing that he can do. He also is always wearing contact lenses linked to the Batcomputer which constantly assess his surroundings for potential threats and are equipped with several means of detecting said threats, including infrared scanning, so there’s a decent chance he’ll see you before you have a chance to fire. In addition to canada goose factory sale this, if Bruce Wayne is about to attend a uk canada goose outlet public function, you can be sure that he’s going to make absolutely certain that he can’t be assassinated while he’s there, especially if this function is, as you said, the perfect Canada Goose sale opportunity for someone to assassinate him. So in all likelihood, he knows you’re there already or has some sort of contingency in case someone canada goose uk shop were to try exactly what you’re Canada Goose Online trying. In short, he probably Batmans his way out of this, one Canada Goose Parka way or another.

Batman has the abilities of a dude in great shape

canada goose deals Cool, can you prove that to me. Can you prove that comicbook Batman limits are that of a real dude in “great shape”. Because there are dozens upon dozens of feats that prove that he isnt. They are all canon, just in case you were doubtful.

canada goose clearance Heres Batman taking a beating from Lincoln March with no armor

Here him surviving an explosion a near canadian goose jacket point blank range

Here him breaking steel handcuffs

Canada Goose online Here him breaking through a brick wall

Canada Goose Jackets Here him breaking through Mr freezes bulletproof helmet

Canada Goose Outlet Here him punching a bullet out of the air

cheap Canada Goose Here him sidestepping a bullet at almost point blank range

buy canada goose jacket cheap Show me a “dude in great shape” who can do any of this. If you are still stubborn enough to believe that these Canada Goose Outlet are all bullshit for some reason, go to /r/BatmanMegaRT where you can see hundreds of feats just like these.

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Before I start I just want to let you know that this is perhaps one of the worst rants I had the displeasure of sitting through and canada goose clearance sale reading. Not even because I disagree https://www.clevelandregionalmedicalcenter.com on principle, but because it incoherent garbage. Most rants that cheap Canada Goose I see that look to be bad I stop by the first few lines because I don care enough to continue assaulting my eyes. But this rant was on a topic that I actually am invested in. So somehow you managed to convince my brain to voluntarily give itself cancer. So props to you on that I guess.

I want to preface this by saying that the spirits in LoK are extremely different than the spirits in TLA. In TLA they feel more like mysterious beings with a strong connection to nature and the planet.

You know it almost as if the majority of the spirits we saw in Avatar were the ones that resided in the material world. It almost as if we only actually entered the spirit canada goose world once in the original series. It almost as if the spirit world isn one uniform space of homogeneity and there are canada goose black friday sale different areas and sections and biomes and beings with different characteristics and traits. It almost as if we didn see or know enough about the spirit world in the original series to be able to make any certain judgments about it. Almost.

canada goose black friday sale Wow I didn know when a sequel series mentions something ancient and hidden that wasn in the original series that it a “disconnect”. Maybe canada goose store the spirits didn use the portal because it was fucking closed.Yet after seeing all of this, Korra decided that leaving the portals open was a good idea.

canada goose clearance sale Yep. From learning from Unalaq, her canada goose coats experiences with the water tribes and the spirits, and Wan story, she realized that closing the portals was like putting a 10,000 year hold on the actual problem. The actual issue was human spirit relations, and Wan never canada goose clearance fixed that, he simply closed the portals. Humans disrespecting, fearing, and all around not knowing enough about the spirits is largely. what led to the dark spirit predicament in the buy canada goose jacket first place. Humans needed to learn how to coexist with the spirits, and opening the portals was the first canada goose uk canada goose outlet black friday step to that. What Korra did was bold. But based off canada goose uk outlet of her experiences, it was wise

canadian goose jacket Now let look at some of the consequences of this insane decision. We see in the following season that gigantic spirit vines have started sprouting up all over Republic City, enveloping buildings and entire districts of the place.

Canada Goose Parka Maybe if you had actually watched the show instead of uk canada goose spouting uninformed garbage you would have realized that those spirit vines when UnaVaatu attacked Republic City. Before Korra made the decision to keep the portals open.

She can even ask one of the past Avatar for help or advice thanks to her losing them.

canada goose coats on sale Good thing that wasn her fault and was a result of a completely out of the Canada Goose Jackets blue ability Canada Goose Coats On Sale that Unalaq and Vaatu had.

Zaheer get airbending powers and escapes jail all thanks to that. This means all of the people who were hurt or killed by him is a result of cheap canada goose uk Korra decision.

canada goose A completely impossible to have foreseen consequence. But hey I love how completely unbiased Canada Goose online you showed yourself to be by mentioning that her decision also brought back an entire nation of extinct benders gone for 170 years and how that actually a good thing. Oh wait, you didn mistake. Korra decision to keep the portals open wasn what caused the return of the airbenders. It was Harmonic Convergence itself.

Next, the spirit vines end up being used by the season four villain, Kuvira for her canada goose coats on sale dumb yet cool buy canada goose jacket cheap looking spirit energy canon weapon. She causes huge property damage and likely causes some loss of life thanks to it. Sure, she still be a villain regardless of learning the Spirit Gun, but it sure as heck would have been easier on Toguro the good guys if she hadn more, the spirit vines were a result of UnaVaatu, not Korra.

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