Monday DFS MLB Plays


Monday, September 7th DFS MLB Plays

labor Day edition! We are playing the early only slate today which includes 11 games. We will NOT be playing the late slate

Pitching Rankings

  1. Max Scherzer
  2. Chris Sale
  3. Lance Lynn
  4. Ian Kennedy
  5. Michael Pineda
  6. Mike Fiers
  7. Trevor Bauer
  8. Patrick Corbin

Overall this is a pretty nice slate for starting pitching with solid cash game and tournament options. Max Scherzer and Chris Sale are the clear cut top plays that are in a different tier than the rest of the pitchers throwing today. The model gives the edge to Max despite his mediocre play in his last few starts but ultimately Scherzer earns the top spot on a site like FD where is available at a pretty significant discount to Sale. After Sale and Scherzer your best bet is to look to Lance Lynn who has upside against the free swinging Cubs and is a nice -150 home favorite. Ian Kennedy, Michael Pineda and Mike Fiers are all great tournament plays today and each of them has a really nice shot at picking up a win.

Catcher Rankings

  • Russell Martin – The Blue Jays have the highest implied team total of any team today at Fenway against Rick Porcello. Martin has a poor lineup spot at 7th but it improves slightly with the guaranteed 9th inning team AB which has become quite rare for the Blue Jays to bat in the 9th at home. The price point on FD makes him playable in all formats.
  • Buster Posey – Posey came through for us in a big way yesterday at Coors Field and he is in another good park shift vs a LHP today. The matchup isn’t nearly as good as yesterday, but Posey still ranks as a top play at the catcher position.
  • Evan Gattis – The Astros are finally healthy and they are loaded with RH power bats that should be able to hit LHP very well. Gattis has big upside and a relatively fair price point.
  • Wellington Castillo – Castillo was another GPP play yesterday that came through for us and today he gets to return home to the hitters park in Arizona.
  • James McCann – Victor Martinez is OUT today so McCann jumps up in the order a bit. I love McCann in a Tigers stack…. ┬áhe is going to be a great hitter against LHP.

1st Base Rankings

  • Edwin Encarnacion – Edwin grabs the top spot in a R vs R matchup with Rick Porcello in a decent park. The Jays are on the road so we love that 9th inning team AB.
  • Jose Abreu – Abreu has a fairly average matchup, he is just a great hitter. Trevor Bauer can be really good or just okay… it’s difficult to say which Bauer shows up today but its a tough spot to pitch in at U.S. Cellular.
  • Brandon Belt
  • Miguel Cabrera – Miggy at home vs a very average LHP. Great spot for Miggy and the Tigers today
  • Justin Bour
  • Pedro Alvarez – Alvarez is a guy we love to target during the day time… this guy has some pretty insane day vs night splits where he is a significantly better hitter in day games. The park shift and road game combo make Alvarez a great play. I would even consider Alvarez in cash games if he draws a top 6 spot today.

2nd Base Rankings

  • Jose Altuve – Altuve grabs the top spot against a LHP. The park isn’t ideal in Oakland but Doubront just isn’t a quality pitcher. The Astros make a nice tournament stack today.
  • Neil Walker – Walker has a nice matchup and park shift on the road against the Reds. The value depends slightly on the lineup position since Walker is a guy that moves around the oder a lot. Hoping for top 4 spot here today.
  • Logan Forsythe – Good park shift vs a terrible LHP for the Rays today. The Rays have a ton of upside in tournaments and it starts with Forsythe.
  • Anthony Rendon – Another LHP for the Nationals to pick on… and this one comes with an awful bullpen behind that LHP.

3rd Base Rankings

  • Alex Rodriguez – A-Rod has huge on base and HR scores in the model today at Yankee Stadium against a LHP.
  • Todd Frazier – The price point is just stupid at this point where is half price of what he was early in the season. Frazier is a great play in all formats at home in a great park.
  • Matt Carpenter – Carpenter is playing well again as we approach the end of the season… Carpenter is just a winner that gets it done for the Cardinals and today we have a nice matchup with Dan Haren. The price point isn’t really a bargin but its acceptable if you like the matchup.
  • Evan Longoria – Longoria is having a decent end to a pretty down year for him. Great spot today for him and the team against the LHP in a day game at Comerica. Day games at Comerica are typically higher scoring.
  • Josh Donaldson – Donaldson is obviously in play in tournaments
  • Josh Harrison

ShortStop Rankings

  • Carlos Correa – Correa earns the top spot despite the poor park in Oakland. The power and speed combo is amazing with this kid.
  • Troy Tulowitzki – Tulo remains under priced or fairly priced when you consider the awful pricing on these sites. Not a great matchup but not a poor one.
  • Xander Bogaerts – Xander gets a lefty at home. Great play in all formats but the price definitely isn’t a bargin when he is the same price as Tulo.
  • Ian Desmond
  • Asdrubal Cabrera – Another Rays hitter that ranks well.

Outfield Rankings

Outfield Tier 1:

J.D. Martinez, David Peralta, Jose Bautista, Rajai Davis, Jayson Werth, Andrew McCutchen, Chris Young, Bryce Harper, Carlos Gonzalez, Ben Revere

Outfield Tier 2:

Gregory Polanco, Marlon Byrd, Ryan Braun, Mookie Betts, Joey Butler, Bradon Guyer, Starling Marte, Jason Heyward, George Springer

Mike’s Top Six Team Stacks

Blue Jays – Revere, Donaldson, Encarnacion, Bautista, Tulowitzki

Pirates – Walker, Alvarez, Marte, McCutchen, Harrison

Rays – Longoria, Forsythe, Guyer, Butler, Cabrera

Tigers – Cabrera, Martinez, Davis, Kinsler, McCann

Nationals – Harper, Werth, Rendon, Desmond, Zimmerman

Astros – Correa, Altuve, Gonzalez, Gomez, Gattis


Good Luck

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