NBA GPP Plays 11/11/15

In this series of articles, unlike the “Eye Test” article series (great series by the way) I will be looking at my plays on an analytical level. If you have any questions or comments, or have suggestions about future articles in this series, and everything that is DFS, feel free to tweet me @Echeney17.
Note: The totals and lines in this article are accurate for the time. This information is subject to change. So be aware and active in looking for those changes.

D’Angelo Russell- Russell draws a solid matchup in the Orlando Magic tonight.  This game looks to be a rather high scoring as both teams come into the game with rather weak defenses.  Oddly enough as of this writing, this game currently only has a total of 201. This shocks me, as I expected it to be around 202-204 based on past game totals for these teams.  Anyways, the main draws for Russell tonight are his rather a high usage rate at 19.1%, and the Orlando Magic’s inability to defend opposing point guards.  They give up the second most fantasy points per game against PGs at 53.17 per.  Making Russell quite the stud for tonight’s GPP contests.  


Jeff Teague- Another good matchup tonight at the Point Guard position can be found in Jeff Teague against the New Orleans Pelicans.  The vegas total for tonight’s game is at 212, which is very nice for us DFS players.  Teague’s usage rate is excellent at 29.1%, making him a good GPP play almost anytime.  The Pelicans give up the fourth most fantasy points per game to PGs at 51.6 per game.  His ownership numbers might be around the 15-20% mark, but I advise playing him tonight due to the good matchup, and high usage rate.  


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- This game is a DFS doozy.  Kings and Pistons are two teams that don’t understand the concept of defense.  This game has a total of 203 as of now, so there will be more players from this game mentioned.  For Pope, he draws a very good matchup as an SG.  The Kings give up 44.03 fantasy points per game against opposing SGs per game.  And I do not see that changing in this game in particular.  


James Harden- How can you even think about fading James Harden, ever?  The Brooklyn Nets are falling apart, so this is definitely not the game to start fading James Harden.  The game’s total is 206, which I am surprised to see. Given the slower paced nature of the Nets.  The Nets give up 43.64 fantasy points per game to opposing SGs.  Which is fourth most in the league.  I highly advise the use of James Harden in both GPPs and cash.  


Paul George- Small forward is rather weak tonight in my opinion.  Not due to a shortage in talent on the slate.  But the matchups are just not favorable.  However, one decent SF matchup for tonight’s slate is George vs the Celtics.  As many times in my life that I have been taught not to trust someone with two first names is the same amount of times that I realized that Paul George is a very good basketball player.  The Celtics allow 44.43 fantasy points per game against the SF.  So he pretty much “the play” at SF tonight.  


Marcus Morris- Another position, another Piston to be selected for this week’s article.  I have already mentioned the vegas positives of this game as far as a total is concerned.  But did I mention the spread, the Kings are favored…by 1?  This is DFS gold for all of us.  This makes me more excited than when I get a good Kyle Fuller Special in DFS football.  Anyways, the Kings give up 41.51 fantasy points per game against opposing SFs.  This is not great, but I’ll take my odds in GPPs today with the guy.  


Draymond Green- The Grizzlies are a team that I usually tend to avoid when I am looking at DFS basketball plays.  However, the matchup is pretty good here.  There is a slight blowout risk, but since this is a GPP article, we love risk.  The Grizzlies give up 54.85 fantasy points per game against Power Forwards.  So this makes Green a solid GPP play tonight for me.


Paul Millsap- The guy has been crushing it lately.  I expect such to continue tonight as well against the New Orleans Pelicans.  The game has a high total of 211.5, however, the Hawks are favored by 11.5.  So there is some blowout risk here.  Or if you’re the Atlanta Hawks, go down by thirty and then magically come back in one-quarter.  Either way, someone (most likely the Pelicans), will have the possibility of getting blown out, so be careful with this one.  The Pelicans give up 50.18 fantasy points per game against PFs.  So Millsap is great here.  


Andre Drummond- Another Piston, I wonder what team I like tonight.  Look, there are two great centers in this game, and you can’t go wrong with either one.  However, I can only tolerate one center and that one is Drummond.  The reason I prefer Drummond is due to the Kings (more like Demarcus Cousins) inability to defend the opposing centers.  The Kings give up 56.57 fantasy points per game to Centers.  Again, you cannot go wrong with either guy, but if I am choosing either guy (for cash and GPPs) I will go to Drummond due to a better DvP matchup.  


That wraps up NBA GPP plays for the 11/11/15 slate, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to tweet me @Echeney17 about anything and everything that is DFS related.



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