NBA Lineup Rewind – February 10th

NBA Lineup Rewind Ty Lawson

Welcome to the RotoMinds NBA Lineup Rewind. Each night we will take a look at what the “perfect” FanDuel Lineup would have looked like. Additionally, we will compare our optimal lineup/results to our projections.

The Perfect Lineup for February 10th

Position Player FD Points Salary Value
C Mason Plumlee 38.30 $5,800 6.60
PF Carlos Boozer 39.00 $5,900 6.61
PF Darrell Arthur 29.50 $3,500 8.43
SF Rudy Gay 38.90 $7,300 5.33
SF Gerald Henderson 30.30 $5,700 5.32
SG James Harden 70.90 $11,200 6.33
SG Tony Snell 31.40 $3,600 8.72
PG Ty Lawson 61.60 $8,400 7.33
PG Derrick Rose 40.70 $7,000 5.81
Total 380.60 $58,400

RotoMinds FanDuel NBA Optimal Lineup for February 10th

NBA Lineup Rewind FanDuel

First thing we notice tonight is Kyle Singler is still Kyle Singler. Singler put up his usual 14 point dud which really limited our upside in GPP games tonight. Fortunately we had a great night everywhere else with Lawson, Bledsoe and Harden. RotoMinds Optimal Lineup finished 90th of 11,494 teams in the slam. Cashing for $250 from the $25 buy-in. The 178.3 points from Lawson, Harden and Bledsoe were key in cashing all of our cash games tonight. Tonight’s results will show why single number fantasy point projections are quite useless in DFS NBA. Our baseline projections weren’t very close tonight yet we still won big while optimizing our projections using floor and ceiling data for each player.

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Ty Lawson – Projection = 38.78 vs Actual = 61.6

Jordan Clarkson – Projection = 24.23 vs Actual = 17.7

James Harden – Projection = 49.05 vs Actual = 70.9

Eric Bledsoe – Projection = 37.76 vs Actual = 45.8

Gerald Henderson – Projection = 27.70 vs Actual = 30.3

Kyle Singler – Projection = 19.41 vs Actual = 14.1

Markieff Morris – Projection = 28.74 vs Actual =29.2

Josh Smith – Projection = 30.08 vs Actual = 34.7

Jusuf Nurkic – Projection = 25.11 vs Actual = 22.5

You can view our entire list of player projections for FREE until 3PM EST the following day (when the next days numbers are released).

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