NBA Lineup Rewind – February 12th

NBA Lineup Rewind

Welcome to the RotoMinds NBA Lineup Rewind. Each night we will take a look at what the “perfect” FanDuel Lineup would have looked like. Additionally, we will compare our optimal lineup/results to our projections.

The Perfect Lineup for February 11th

Pos Name Projection Price Value
C DeAndre Jordan 59.00 $8,600 6.86
PF Josh Smith 45.60 $6,100 7.48
PF Jared Sullinger 41.00 $6,700 6.12
SF Kevin Durant 50.50 $10,600 4.76
SF DeMarre Carroll 32.90 $5,200 6.33
SG Danny Green 42.60 $5,900 7.22
SG Lou Williams 39.30 $4,800 8.19
PG Ricky Rubio 38.30 $6,300 6.08
PG George Hill 37.10 $5,200 7.13
Total 386.30 $59,400

This ugly team would have been the “perfect” FanDuel team tonight. I’m thinking Charles Barkley might have been on to something when he said analytics are crap!

RotoMinds FanDuel NBA Optimal Lineup for February 11th

FD 2-11

Not much to say about tonight other than I’m glad we hit all the land mines on the same night instead of one each night. James Harden and Tyreke Evans combining for 6 points less than James Harden projection is pretty disgusting. I think it’s safe to say the teams were all ready for this NBA all-star break. Josh Smith and Ajinca were the only two who met or exceeded expectations tonight. The team was good enough to win 25-30% of my head to head contests, but we did not cash 50/50 games for this first time in 4 days.

The Perfect Lineup (Late Slate) for February 11th

C DeAndre Jordan 59.00 $8,600 6.86
PF LaMarcus Aldridge 39.40 $9,600 4.10
PF Josh Smith 45.60 $6,100 7.48
SF Matt Barnes 27.80 $4,900 5.67
SF Trevor Ariza 27.90 $5,500 5.07
SG Wesley Matthews 33.50 $5,900 5.68
SG JJ Redick 28.60 $4,300 6.65
PG Jordan Clarkson 30.20 $4,900 6.16
PG Chris Paul 36.20 $10,000 3.62
Total 328.20 $59,800

RotoMinds FanDuel NBA (Late Slate) Optimal Lineup for February 11th

FD 2-11 Late

The late slate lineup was just 6.6 points from the “perfect lineup” This two game slate was pretty straight forward for most. Several users tied for 1st place with the perfect lineup. The perfect lineup from the last 2 games of the night would have won the $50,000 first place prize in the Super Baller on FanDuel. We are posting this to show the value in stacking 2-3 games out of a slate in large field tournaments. Had you stacked the last two games of the night you would have profited greatly tonight.

Finally, the NBA All-Star break is here! See you in 10 days.

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