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Welcome to Saturday’s edition of RotoMinds Daily MLB Plays. We have another split slate today with the “afternoon only” and “late” slates. Today is a good day to scale back your play a little with this split slate and holiday weekend (unusual start times for teams). Once again the weather is a mess in Colorado which cost us greatly last night when the weather missed. There is a double header scheduled in Colorado today with more rain…. I would guess that they would get one game in today but who knows.

Pitching Rankings

  1. Corey Kluber
  2. Matt Harvery
  3. Chris Sale – Big tournament upside with a favorable ump.
  4. Cole Hamels – GPP Only
  5. A.J. Burnett
  6. Shelby Miller
  7. Stephen Strasburg

Corey Kluber and Matt Harvey are the clear cut top plays for us for the afternoon slate. Kluber is at home (decent pitcher park) against the Reds and Harvey is on the road in a great pitchers park at Pittsburgh. Kluber gets a slight bump above Harvey due to the higher strikeout upside and matchup at home. The umpire situation is basically neutral for Kluber/Harvey but Chris Sale has a very favorable umpire for pitching. For cash games on FanDuel you should only be considering Kluber, Harvey or Sale.

Catcher Rankings

  • Buster Posey
  • Evan Gattis
  • Michael McKenry
  • Tyler Flowers
  • Wilson Ramos

Buster Posey is the top play at catcher tonight in a matchup with a below average pitcher at Coors Field. Posey is usually reserved for LHP matchups but the platoon advantage isn’t nearly as important when the game is played at Coors Field under these conditions. Posey is an elite play if you have the cap space to get him in tonight. Evan Gattis is one of the most frustrating players to own in DFS MLB… but Gattis is next in line to Posey today. Gattis and the Astros crush LHP and today they get a struggling Kyle Lobstien. The ball park is essentially neutral to Gattis’ baseline numbers so we don’t see much benefit there. Gattis strikes out a lot but also makes up for those strikeouts with his insane ISO numbers vs LHP. If you’re not playing Gattis in your cash games then I recommend plugging in whoever is behind the dish for the Rockies (both rank well and next in line).

1st Base Rankings

  • Miguel Cabrera
  • Brandon Belt
  • Adam LaRoche
  • Freddie Freeman
  • Adam Lind

Brandon Belt is a top play again tonight. Last night was very frustrating where Brandon Belt was the cover boy of the daily plays article and we couldn’t use him due to the weather forecast… Of course he has a monster multiple hit game with a HR and a double. We will be targeting Belt again today if the weather works with us. Adam LaRoche is a nice value play today that ranks well in the model. LaRoche is another player similar to Evan Gattis who can really be frustrating but the power is there and is almost always worth the risk. Adam Lind gets Shelby Miller this afternoon. Shelby Miller has been nearly perfect lately but I think Lind is the one batter he will really struggle with today. Lind matches up very will with what Shelby Miller has to offer.


2nd Base Rankings

  • Jason Kipnis
  • Jose Altuve
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Joe Panik

Jason Kipnis and Jose Altuve is are the top plays at 2B this afternoon. I’m sure you know the drill by now… Jose Altuve is an elite hitter against LHP and will almost certainly share the top spot at 2B anytime he faces a southpaw. Lobstein is a bit of a wildcard…. he has shown the ability to pitch lights out but he has struggled lately against teams that collectively hit LHP well. Houston is one of those teams that mashes against LHP. As a fan of the game, I’m interested to see how this game plays out this afternoon. Jason Kipnis ranks slightly ahead of Altuve in the model (this is due to the long term numbers of the opposing starting pitchers. Kipnis gets a matchup at home against Anthony DeSclafani. DeSclafani really struggles with LHB and Kipnis is having an incredible year. If we could somehow use both Kipnis and Altuve in the same lineup we would have them both locked in already. Ian Kinsler is the sneaky contrarian play today with most people heading towards Altuve, Kipnis or Panik at Coors.

3rd Base Rankings

  • Nolan Arenado
  • Lonnie Chisenhall
  • Conor Gillaspie
  • Evan Longoria

Third base is pretty weak this afternoon relative to normal slates. Nolan Arenado gets the top spot due to the power upside he possesses and the park factor. Arenado doesn’t rank as the best value in the model and isn’t a must play. Next in line is Lonnie Chisenhall. The Indians LHB are almost all in play today against DeSclafani until he can prove that he can handle lefties. Also consider Conor Gillaspie and Evan Longoria. Longoria is playing in a terrible park for hitting but has a nice matchup against a below average pitcher. Longoria is a strong target in tournaments.


ShortStop Rankings

  • Troy Tulowitzki
  • Ian Desmond
  • Brandon Crawford
  • Alexei Ramirez
  • Jonathan Villar – hitting 2nd

Troy Tulowitzki ranks as the #1 shortstop play tonight like every other night he takes the field at home. Ian Desmond is another strong target that continues to hit 2nd for the Nationals but draws a tougher matchup with Cole Hamels today. Desmond was kind to us over the past 10 days with multiple HR’s. Alexei Ramirez is another player who ranks well on this shorter slate. Villar emerges as a top value play hitting 2nd.


Outfield Rankings

Colorado and San Francisco Outfielders – Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, Hunter Pence, Angel Pagan are all elite plays in cash and tournaments tonight thanks to their matchup at Coors Field with two below average pitchers on the mound. Both sets of outfielders ranks exceptionally well in the model.

Brandon Moss, JD Martinez, Yoenis Cespedes, David Murphy, Kevin Kiermaier, Michael Cuddyer, Anthony Gose, George Springer.

Team Stacks

Giants – Belt, Pence, Pagan, Crawford, Posey

Rockies – Gonzalez, Blackmon, Paulsen, Tulowitzki

Atros – Altuve, Gattis, Springer, Cater

Indians – Kipnis, Moss, Murphy, Chisenhall

Tigers – Cabrera, Gose, Kinsler, Cespedes

Good luck!

Be sure to use the 5-23 Afternoon Data and our optimal lineups when they are posted later this afternoon. 

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