Sunday DFS MLB Plays


Sunday, July 19th DFS MLB Plays

We are playing the “Early Only” and All day slates on FanDuel and the all day only on DraftKings. There will be 1 total lineup for early only and the normal 5 (for ultimate members for FanDuel).

Pitching Rankings

  1. Chris Sale
  2. Max Scherzer
  3. Cole Hamels
  4. Jake Arrieta
  5. Zack Greinke
  6. Johnny Cueto
  7. Carlos Carrasco
  8. Madison Bumgarner
  9. Felix Hernandez
  10. Dallas Keuchel
  11. Chris Archer

What a crazy day for starting pitching when Chris Archer is the 11th ranked starting pitcher! Today is one of those days where we definitely want to make sure we are playing multiple lineups in cash games to spread our exposure with so many top options in play. Chris Sale is the top play at home, even against the Royals. The Royals are interesting team because they don’t strikeout much but they also don’t really draw many walks. This is good news for Sale who obviously has elite K potential but he also does a good job controlling the balls that are put in play. Max Scherzer and Zack Greinke face each other so projecting a win for either guy is pretty though at this point. Cole Hamels is next in line for us today and he is offered at a slight discount relative to the other top tier pitching opitons. Hamels had a rough start at SF but the Marlins are far less intimidating with Stanton out of the lineup. Bumgarner and King Felix are both fine tournament plays but I don’t see any reason to use them in cash games in the poor pitching environments on the road.

Catcher Rankings

  • Buster Posey/Andrew Susac – Susac injured his hand last night so it’s highly unlikely that he will play today but he is a great punt if he does. Buster Posey is Buster Posey…. elite hitter vs LHP in a huge park shift… obvious top play if salary is no issue.
  • John Jaso – Jaso has an interesting matchup with Estrada who is a reverse splits guy (hurts Jaso just a touch) but he gets a huge park shift on the road at Toronto. As the visiting team the Rays will be guaranteed a 9th inning and Jaso is the lead-off guy so we will be able to maximize plate appearances.
  • Josh Phegley – Phegley is our platoon player we like to deploy against LHP. The park isn’t great but he ranks well due to his success against LHP.
  • Victor Martinez – The Tigers were awful last night against Chris Tillman but I wouldn’t let that scare me away today… Tigers are in a great spot and we love them in tournaments.
  • Jonathan Lucroy – Lucory is another catcher who is hitting at the top of the order like Jaso. The Brewers are at home in a good park against a very average LHP. The Brewers represent one of the best stacks today because of their individual abilities vs LHP.

1st Base Rankings

  • Paul Goldschmidt – Goldy has a tough matchup with Bumgarner but he still projects as our top play at 1B. Great tournament play.
  • Jose Abreu – Abreu is at home in a nice park against a LHP who does have command issues from time to time. Abreu is a great play in all formats against Danny Duffy. Abreu is an excellent alternative to a guy like Chris Davis who I think will be more popular.
  • Chris Davis – Crush Davis has had 3 HR’s robbed at the wall in July and he gets a nice matchup on Sunday with Justin Verlander. Verlander has clearly lost a step (or two) and the O’s are a dangerous team that can provide many RBI opportunities for Davis.
  • Anthony Rizzo – Rizzo is on the road in a very neutral park factor against a pitcher (in my opinion) that has pitched over his head all season. Rizzo is back down under $4k now making him playable in all formats. I’m expecting relatively low ownership levels with Rizzo today.
  • Pedro Alvarez – Nice park shift for the Pirates.

2nd Base Rankings

  • Neil Walker – Large park shift for the Pirates today and Walker gets to hit left handed with an elite lineup spot… he is the top value at 2B.
  • Dustin Pedroia – Pedroia has returned from injury and the Red Sox have looked awful in the first 2 games back. Santiago is a good matchup for Pedroia despite the negative park shift. Definitely a contrarian play here where he is priced higher than every other 2B player on our list.
  • Joe Panik – Panik hits LHP very well and has an elite lineup spot. We have been focusing on this park shift all weekend and there is no reason to stop now… Panik is a great way to get exposure to the Giants.
  • Jimmy Paredes – Paredes is a guy who we only play vs RHP and today he gets Justin Verlander. Paredes is a high variance version of Joe Panik here. Paredes could hit 2 HR’s or go 0-4 with 3 K’s against Verlander.
  • Ian Kinsler
  • Ben Zobrist

3rd Base Rankings

Third base is by far the weakest position tonight so we will be sensitive to lineup position/price here.

  • Aramis Ramirez – Aramis Ramirez is the guy we only target against LHP in good parks…. That’s exactly what he gets today against Jeff Locke at home. Nice value on DK.
  • Manny Machado – Machado continues to impress in the lead off roll and the matchup with Verlander is a pretty good one for Machado. Machado is a reverse splits guy who hits better against RHP so far in his career.
  • Matt Duffy – Price point isn’t attractive but its a good matchup for the Giants.
  • Kris Bryant – Bryant is just a price point play… too cheap for the skill set.
  • Adrian Beltre

ShortStop Rankings

  • Jhonny Peralta – Peralta ranks as the top play against the LHP. The Cardinals are starting to get healthy as a team and it’s only going to help a guy like Peralta with a little more protection in the lineup.
  • Carlos Correa
  • Xander Bogearts – Another guy we love against LHP but the park shift isn’t a good one and the Red Sox just look awful this weekend.
  • Troy Tulowitzki – Tulo will be under owned once again tonight. (I had him at 1.1% owned in the Slam last night and he hit a HR).
  • Brandon Crawford – Crawford is hitting LHP well with a great lineup spot for RBI’s the way this Giants team plays small ball.
  • Jean Segura – Great value if leading off against LHP.

Outfield Rankings

Outfield Tier 1:

Nelson Cruz, Mike Trout, Ryan Braun, Matt Holliday, Hanley Ramirez, Mark Trumbo, Carlos Gomez, Andrew McCutchen, Hunter Pence, J.D. Martinez

Outfield Tier 2:

Yoenis Cespedes, Gregory Polanco, Anthony Gose, Joey Butler, Grady Sizemore, A.J. Pollock, Austin Jackson, Charlie Blackmon, Carlos Gonzalez

Mike’s Top Seven Team Stacks

Brewers – Braun, Segura, Gomez, Lucroy, Ramirez

Tigers – Gose, Martinez, Martinez, Cespedes, Kinsler

Giants – Posey, Pence, Panik, Crawford, Duffy

Cardinals – Peralta, Holliday, Grichuk, Carpenter

Rockies – Tulowitzki, Blackmon, Arenado, Gonzalez

Red Sox – Ramirez, Bogaerts, Pedroia, Betts

Athletics – Burns, Phegley, Butler, Zobrist

Good luck!

Be sure to use the our optimal lineups when they are posted later this afternoon.

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