That only their flock are the perfect ones

The Disadvantages of Being Religious

I asked the question, “What is wrong with religion?” in the Q section of HubPages. I also posed the same question in the Forums. This hub moncler outlet online is uk moncler outlet about the answers that were posted.

Hell, Fear of Hell and Using Hell to Control PeopleCould this be the biggest error that religion makes? Although there are some religions that do not preach about Hell, at least one of the world’s major religions does teach that the opposite of Heaven is Hell.

Fire and Brimstone preachers tell their followers that if cheap moncler jackets womens you do not believe in the literal word of God and accept Him as your Lord and Savoir and give moncler online store up all worldly pleasures, that you will “rot in everlasting Hell”. Pretty strong stuff.

This tactic in religion moncler uk outlet is moncler outlet sale a way for a preacher to instill fear into you and to control your behaviors. These people see power as a virtue. This is truly a religious error.

Satan, best moncler jackets Demons cheap moncler jackets mens and HatredAny religion that teaches hatred against the “Great Satan”, moncler outlet woodbury or suspect Demons are their enemies are committing a huge error in religion.

Yet moncler sale outlet we see as we examine the world’s religions that hatred is widely taught in religious classes. The Israelites are taught moncler outlet store to hate the Canaanites; the Muslims are taught to hate the “Great Satan” and Christians were taught to wage “Holy War” against the enemies of Christ. The Inquisition was a Christian war against Jews and Muslims and the Inquisitors discount moncler jackets conducted cruel and unusual punishments against Christian deterrents.

If religion is defined as the worship of a personal God or Gods, then why teach hatred?Noun: The tendency to lay down principles as incontrovertibly true, without consideration of evidence or the opinions of others.

If you believe that eating pork is super bad for you, then you are practicing dogmatism. There is no proof that pork is “evil”. Perhaps overeating pork is bad for your health, but the evidence moncler sale online suggests that properly prepared pork is no worse for you than beef or any other animal protein. Yes, in the past, it was “unclean” due to improper storage and cooking, but that has nothing to do with a person’s eternal soul.

Religion makes the error of dogmatism into an cheap moncler sale extreme rigid belief that hurts. Brainwashing someone into thinking they are “unclean in the eyes of their God or Gods” because they eat pork is really bad religion.

Allowing a baby to die for want of an exchange blood transfusion is dogmatism that kills.

The world and its people are ruled by opposing forces of good and evil.

The idea that people have a physical side that is different from their spiritual side.

Some people believe ice cream is good. Some people believe ice cream is bad. Which person is correct? Some people believe love is good. Some people believe love is bad. Which person is correct? All of this comes down to personal opinion. People erroneously believe that good is a physical power and so is bad. They are concepts and opinions, not Gods or entities.

Spirituality declares that we have a spirit that may also be called a soul. It is connected to, but separate from our physical bodies. Some people believe that they can actually see, touch, hear and feel these spirits. It is a religious error to think that everyone can do so or that the concept is actually true.

Lack of Charity to Fellow HumansIt looks to the non religious people that places cheap moncler jackets of worship are trying to outdo themselves with opulence. Much like politicians that raise millions of dollars so they can get elected, so too do churches, mosques, temples and other religious buildings.

Why on earth do religious places need such pomp and ceremony? Money raised by religious places should be spent on charity towards humanity, not on gold and fancy clothes for their leaders.

Of course there are religions that do cheap moncler coats mens quite a bit of charitable work, but it’s a shame that it is the exception and not the rule. To many, religious greed is an error in action.

Lack of GodlinessOne does not have to search far to find religious leaders being caught in some of the most heinous of crimes against their followers. Pedophilia and homosexuality are way too common. Many leaders commit any number of sins and expect to get moncler womens jackets away with it because they are “men of god” or some such nonsense. They moncler usa know they are sinners and readily admit it, but expect forgiveness for their sins simply because they have a “personal relationship” with God.

Their biggest error is expecting special dispensation just because they have chosen religion as a career, but do not really set any kind of good example. In fact, these people are allowed to continue their un godliness unchecked. They have convenient ways to circumvent worldly punishment for their unholy actions.

Bigotry, Discrimination and JudgementThese things are huge deterrents to religion. The cult like attitude of almost every religion moncler outlet in the world is summed up by the statement, “My God (or Gods) is the ONLY uk moncler sale way to salvation!”

Bigotry, discrimination and judgement have been practiced since the beginning of mankind. Any sort of strangeness or differences were readily judged as “not normal” and these behaviors were ostracized. The unfortunate victim moncler sale of a birth defect or someone whose eyes slanted the wrong way were never allowed to participate in the important decisions. Many were labeled as demons, witches or evil.

Religious leaders often use these concepts to wield power over their followers. They unequivocally state that their followers are “chosen” people. That only their flock are the perfect ones. If you are a member of the special https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz group, then all is fine. If not, it is a prime example of being judged and discriminated against.

Old Ideas Never DieThe religions of today are still based on concepts and customs of thousands of years ago. The old ideas expressed were community proclamations for their times. Many of those ideas should moncler sale outlet have changed over time, yet moncler outlet prices religious teachings continue to express and even demand that the population of today follow the “old ways”. Fear of change is universal.

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