The Eye Test 11-10-15

As many of you know who read this everyday I had Joakim Noah as a one of my core four plays. Noah was scratched from the lineup and nobody even knew it until moments before the game. Chicago beat writers and media personal all were saying before 6 P.M. Central time that Noah was active and starting so even they did not know. Even though there was nothing I could do to prevent the Noah scratch I do apologize to those who lost money on that play.


The Core Four


Justise Winslow– The trade of Mario Chalmers should tell the entire story on how good Miami thinks Winslow will be. Winslow has been getting starters minutes off the bench and the consistency in those minutes should stabilize now that Chalmers is gone. The way the Lakers backup wings play defense is a great reason to love Winslow to get some half-court baskets along with transition baskets. Winslow is also extremely cheap for what he will do tonight so have no fear playing him.


Anthony Davis– New Orleans will finally get its first win tonight and Davis will try and carry the load for a winless team. Davis will matchup with Nowitzki is amazing even though his fantasy game was only slightly above average. Davis shot 58% from the field but did not get much of the other counting stats. Do not be surprised to see Davis have five blocks and two steals tonight with 25 points and 12 rebounds.


Giannis Anteokoumpo– If Boston tries to play Avery Bradley on Giannis he will have a field day. Brad Stevens will probably adjust to that either prior to the game or during the game and play Jae Crowder on him, who is still giving up at least 5 inches to Giannis. Both players mentioned are good defenders, but are not going to be able to do so much against Giannis on the glass or deflecting their passes for steals due to Giannis’s length.


Isaiah Thomas– When Thomas starts he is a great play. He shoots the ball so much and dominates possessions like the ball hog he is. Milwaukee would normally cause me to be concerned from a matchup perspective, but Michael Carter Williams should not play again tonight so Thomas will get to go against Jerryd Bayless. I think it is safe to say Thomas will get up his 20 shots tonight with Bayless guarding him with relative ease.


Primary Options


Jared Sullinger– His price has not caught up with his role as the starter for Boston. David Lee started out the season as the starting Power Forward but lost his job quickly because he cannot play any defense. Sullinger is not a great defender either but he at least a average defender who can get baskets from all over the floor.


Goran Dragic– Dragic’s price has fallen to the point that you could consider him a must play tonight. The matchup with D’Angelo Russell is amazing for a crafty player like Dragic so consider him a bargain.


Eric Gordon– Somebody besides Anthony Davis has to score the ball and Gordon will get his looks. Wes Matthews is still a step slow recovering from his injury last season so Gordon will be able to penetrate the interior of Dallas with relative ease.


Kevin Durant– Durant is back home in Washington were he grew up. I would like to think that with Oklahoma City only coming to Washington once a year and Durant’s potential looming free agency bid to come to Washington Durant will put on a show for his hometown.


Lebron James– If you do not have the money for Durant you can downgrade to James and get the exact same production with a lower ownership percentage. He plays against Utah, but I feel like James has a solid game and makes it worth paying up for him. Playing against Hayward is a big factor in that but I could see Quin Snyder throwing different defenders at him. It will not matter because James will get his.


Nemanja Bjelica– I feel like Bjelica is the safest play you can have on any given night. He does not need the ball much to fill the stat sheet up. Play him against this slow paced Charlotte team tonight without worrying much about it.


Kristaps Porzingis– For someone who cannot buy 30 minutes of playing time a night in his rookie season if his life depended on it, Porzingis has a solid floor. With Luis Scola guarding him tonight Porzingis will have a huge height advantage and be able to find rebounds throughout the game. Porzingis also is starting to get the respect of the NBA family and that will boost his confidence. Also as silly as it sounds I like foreign players when they play in Toronto.


Serge Ibaka– Ibaka has nothing to do on defense today with Kris Humphries trying to be a three-point shooter. Ibaka is basically the perfect middle ground to Davis and Porzingis and maybe not as bold as Sullinger.


Secondary Options-


John Wall– I think Wall is an amazing play tonight; it is just a matter of having the cap space for him. If Brad Beal plays he will not be at 100% and Wall will be carrying the offensive load. Westbrook likes to gamble on defense and will cause Wall to get easy drives to the basket.


Robin Lopez– It seems like spending as little as you can at Center tonight makes a lot of sense so might as well play Lopez, who will be needed to defend Jonas Valanciunas.


Otto Porter– I think Porter kind of has the same mindset as Leonard for San Antonio. When you have a tough matchup you are going to take you game to the next level.




Julius Randle– Chris Bosh is not going to let this rookie do anything. Bosh is probably the smartest defender in the league that does not get the credit he deserves and will not allow Randle to get the easy baskets he has been getting this season.


Karl-Anthony Towns– With Towns having to guard Al Jefferson on offense it seems likely Towns gets into foul trouble.


Khris Middleton– If someone in the Boston Milwaukee games does not have a good game it is Middleton. Jae Crowder or Avery Bradly will stick to him like glue and he should not have any open looks at the basket.


Final Notes: I do not collaborate with Mike when writing this article every day. For all I know he could be leaning towards using everyone I say to fade. This article is intended to be another viewpoint. Always use the RotoMinds projections and Optimal Linueps as a primary source and use The Eye Test as another look on everything.

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