The Eye Test 11-16-15

Days like today are great. Today’s write-up will once again be short because of how obvious I see a lot of the plays are.


The Core Four Pacers


Paul George, Monta Ellis, CJ Miles, and Lavoy Allen– This should really be called “The Michael McClure Core” since Mike loves Indiana sports almost as much as he loves The Kansas City Royals (almost). Paul George and Monta Ellis are great plays because George Hill and Rodney Stuckey are both out tonight. Basically they will be the offense tonight against Chicago who does not play much defense anymore. It really does not matter though who they are playing because the players that are out really create excessive opportunity for George and Ellis. CJ Miles and Lavoy Allen are in play because of the lack of overall depth. Indiana will have to play two post players tonight, so that means Allen is the only big man off the bench. I can see one of Indiana’s starting big men getting into foul trouble and Allen having to play a large role in the game. Allen will have to play anyways because Myles Turner is out. Allen is the cheapest of the big men so I consider him the safest play of the bunch. CJ Miles should be the top guard of the bench for Frank Vogel, and he has to have a somewhat large role in the offense as the number three scorer for Indiana. You can make a case for any of the Small Forwards for Indiana over Miles, but Miles has the best track record so I like his chances to be the number three scorers tonight.


Primary Options


Brandon Knight– Knight was so nonexistent against Denver Saturday it is comical. A home game against the Lakers should change that for Knight. He will take it upon himself to have a bounce back game because that is the kind of guy Knight is. I hope everyone is not playing Knight so all of you as readers have a solid advantage with the ownership percentages.


Jared Sullinger– Against Houston anyone is in play. Sullinger has been averaging a double double since being inserted into the starting lineup after three games this season. Until his price goes up I have a hard time not playing a starter who can get rebounds and score.


Eric Bledsoe– I am not really interested in playing Harden tonight so Bledsoe is the alternative.


Jeff Green– I have to mention Green if he is starting again tonight. His price has plummeted to almost nothing. If you are not interested in taking the risk with Indiana’s small forwards, Green is a great alternative.


Isaiah Thomas– If Brad Stevens decides that Thomas is the starting point guard again Thomas is definitely in play. Thomas will get to play against Ty Lawson, who is not much taller than Thomas. I can easily see Thomas have another 20 points scored in this game with Boston needing as many baskets as it can get.


Nerlens Noel– Noel has been quiet for about a week so a matchup against Dallas is perfect for him to have a monster game. If you want to spend some money at power forward I highly recommend Noel.


Secondary Options


Marc Gasol– Gasol has decided the last few games that if Memphis is going to continue to compete in the West he will have to shoulder more of the offensive load. His price is still discounted to that mindset so take advantage of it. Also he will get to matchup with Kanter when Oklahoma City goes to the bench. Kanter plays zero defense and someone like Gasol can dominate him.


Jahill Okafor– If you want to go with a cheaper option that could score almost the same thing Okafor is your guy. The reason why I do not like Okafor tonight is that he has been playing so well lately and could get into a pushing contest with Zaza Pachulia.


Dwight Howard– This matchup screams Howards name. Howard has not played since Friday and is plenty rested for a perfect matchup against Boston’s undersized and underperforming defenders inside.




James Harden– I expect a lot of people to play Harden, but I do not like him against Bostons perimeter defenders. Smart will be playing the two guard spot, and Avery Bradley will be backing him up. I really do not see Harden shooting the ball well so he will have to get a lot of free throws in order to have a game worth having him.


Russell Westbrook– It is not that I do not like Westbrook; it is more that I do not have the money to get him on my roster. Knight and Thomas have way better matchups and more up-tempo games so it seems smart to play them instead.


Final Notes: I do not collaborate with Mike when writing this article every day. For all I know he could be leaning towards using everyone I say to fade. This article is intended to be another viewpoint. Always use the RotoMinds projections and Optimal Linueps as a primary source and use The Eye Test as another look on everything

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