The Eye Test 11-4-15

So far if you have been with RotoMinds this NBA season you have been doing very well. The Eye Test has given you a great starting point with building your rosters, but if you want to have it all come together for you, I would highly suggest signing up for one of the NBA packages. The key to being a winning player is how you mold your rosters. The margin of error is so slim when competing against other good players in any sport that it does take someone with high level of expertise on the sport and great projections to get the job done. What makes the subscription worth it is you get lineups from the people at RotoMinds who have made a ton of money playing daily fantasy sports. We have no conflict of interest and enjoy helping people make money off of something they love.




The Core Four


Jerryd Bayless– No Michael Carter-Williams tonight so this is a complete no brainer. Bayless gets the matchup with Jarrett Jack who could sit tonight in favor of Shane Larkin. Bayless will always get up his shots especially on a team that needs a scorer.


Jahill Okafor– Center is a great place to save money and go with Okafor. No rookie gets the amount of touches Okafor gets in the post. Playing against Greg Monroe gives him plenty of opportunity to get high quality looks.


Evan Fournier– He is lighting it up from outside. When given this much opportunity he basically is a lock to do well. He can shoot the ball really well so he does not have to worry about the rim protection of Dwight Howard (or whatever is left of it anyways).


Khris Middleton– His price has dropped because of Milwaukee being blown out two of their first four days and not getting the minutes in those blowouts. He gets up at least 10 shots a game and no Michael Carter Williams means he will get up at least 15. The matchup with Hollis Thompson and Nik Stauskas is a major green light also.


Primary Options


Stephen Curry– This will be a fantastic game against the Clippers with both teams being undefeated. I think the best thing for someone to do tonight is to try and fit Curry into his or her lineups and figure it out later. His floor is so high right now that his price is of no concern. He can go for 15 points in a quarter with relative ease and has shown in the past that Chris Paul cannot guard him.


Marcus Thornton– His minutes say it all. Houston is going to play small until Terrence Jones is back in the lineup. Thornton basically has to hit a few shots to reach his value.


Giannis Antetokounmpo– Players that can contribute in all five counting stats and get a lot of shots in the half court should be priced much higher. Play him with confidence until he reaches the appropriate price. Carter Williams being out only increases his value.


Kevin Love-Porzingis cannot keep Love off the glass and cannot guard Love on the block. The ownership on Love will not be where it should be and you should take advantage of that tonight.


Gordon Hayward– Derrick Favors will probably be out with the flu tonight so a massive usage upgrade will go to Hayward. Utah has to have somebody score the ball and Hayward is basically the only guy on the team that can carry a heavy load. The matchup with Aminu is not the best at all but Hayward is very cheap relative to his usage tonight against an overall defense that is not that good in Portland.


James Harden– Harden should not be owned like he should because of the cheap Shooting Guard options tonight so use him in tournaments to get a high scoring guy who will give your roster uniqueness.


Dennis Schroder– No Kyle Korver tonight and Teague is questionable so that makes Schroder a fantastic play. Schroder basically is what we all want from an isolation point guard who comes off the bench: Shooting, high motor, toughness, and a great handle. One day Schroder will be a starting point guard for a team and will look like one of the best players in the league. For now you get to enjoy him with a low salary getting spot starts with good minutes.


Secondary Options


Draymond Green– This is a big game so Green will rise up to the challenge. Guarding someone like Blake Griffin will make Green play at the highest-level possible. Expect a stat sheet stuffing type of game.


Rudy Gay– No Cousins again tonight so Gay will be taking on a larger load of the responsibly on offense. This game will be closer and Gay will probably have a better first quarter compared to last night. The matchup with PJ Tucker is not ideal but he does have a solid height advantage on Tucker.


Paul George– To start the game he will have Jae Crowder guarding him, but I can see Evan Turner playing more in this game because of his disaster trade to Indiana a few years ago. Turner cannot cover anyone and George is waiting to have a breakout game. Small Forward is somewhere to have at least one higher priced guy tonight.


Kent Bazemore– Again with no Korver more shots will go to Bazemore. If he can just make the shots at a consistent rate he will be fine.


Joe Johnson– Joe gets to return to Atlanta and has yet to have a solid game this year. Johnson will not have anybody on him and gives you a unique lineup if you pair him with harden in your tournaments.




Damian Lillard– Rudy Gobert effect and all Portland players should be avoided.


Nerlens Noel- He does not seem to fit into this game and can see a big dud coming for him,


Festus Ezeli– With so much solid value everywhere else no reason to go this cheap for a player who could easily get in foul trouble and not even start with the return of Bogut.


Final Notes: I do not collaborate with Mike when writing this article every day. For all I know he could be leaning towards using everyone I say to fade. This article is intended to be another viewpoint. Always use the RotoMinds projections and Optimal Linueps as a primary source and use The Eye Test as another look on everything.


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