The Eye Test 11-7-15

Today the write-up is going to be significantly shorter due to the fact that the plays are so obvious in my opinion. I think having a shorter group of players to pick from today will help you more because the players that are listed are all you will need. I do not want to list excessive plays that could create issues when creating your rosters.


The Core 4


Marcus Thornton- Absolutely zero reason you should not roster him until his price jumps up. He has played at least 29 minutes in every game he has started and taken at least 14 shots in all of those contests. He basically has to go out there and just run around to not get what you need from him. He looked bad last night at times and he still had a good game relative to his price.


Harrison Barnes- Anyone who plays in a contract year is a threat to get it going any night. Barnes has been ridiculously consistent in every game this year. Unless they massacre Sacramento tonight he will once again have a good game.


Dewayne Dedmon- Last night I told you to fade him because he does not have much scoring upside and relies on rebounds and blocks to have a good game. Dedmon is a solid defender who will be needed by Orlando tonight to contend with Okafor and Noel.


Thaddeus Young- Once again Young gets to play against Milwaukee who does not have a traditional power forward. Young matches up well against Parker who will be on a minute count anyways. Expect Young to give you another solid game. He only played 25 minutes in the first game, but I expect him to play more in this game.


Pick Three of these Four


Stephen Curry- It does not matter who he is playing against and what he has done in the prior games; you have to give Curry consideration until his salary jumps into the stratosphere.


Anthony Davis- New Orleans still does not have a win and Davis gets a matchup with Nowitzki. Davis could easily do exactly what he did last night against a much softer defense. At this point until New Orleans wins a game he is on watch for a monster game.


Blake Griffin- Houston is using Trevor Ariza at the four until Terrence Jones is healthy. Even if Kevin Mchale decides to play two bigs against the Clippers tonight Griffin has a huge advantage over whomever he is going up against. Top that of with the Clippers coming off a tough loss to Golden State and you have an amazing play tonight.


James Harden- J.J. Reddick will be guarding him and Harden is starting to get it going. It seems like when Houston and LA play Harden shows up with a huge game. He had a monster game last night and it could easily translate into today.




Chris Paul- It seems like Paul will be dealing with hamstring injury he got at the end of the Golden State game Thursday. I expect the ball to be pounded into Griffin tonight.


Nikola Mirotic- He has lost his shot and with Garnett and Towns getting the first look at Chicago’s bigs I can see Mirotic having another bad game tonight.


Dirk Nowitzki- With Davis on him today I do not see Nowizki creating separation tonight.

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