The Eye Test 11/11/15

The Core Four


Ryan Anderson– It looks like Anthony Davis will not be playing tonight so that obviously makes Ryan Anderson a great play. Playing against Paul Milsap and Atlanta’s underrated defense may look bad at first glance, but if know Atlanta they are not a good rebounding team which gives Anderson a solid floor with rebounds to complement the amount of shots he will get.


James Johnson– This play is based on the assumption that Terrence Ross and DeMarre Carroll are out. He has done basically nothing with his playing time his last two starts but has still been a solid play based on price. Johnson is not a bad player he just falls asleep 75% of the time. Against Philadelphia this is his chance to do something. But if Johnson is not starting do not play him whatsoever.


Blake Griffin– You know the Clippers are going to come out fired up with this game being in Dallas. Griffin will get the matchup with Nowizki tonight and that makes Griffin a easy play. His price is basically the same as it was to start the season and should be in play when he has an amazing matchup. I expect this game to be close and Griffin to explode.


Eric Gordon– If Davis is out Gordon will be trying to shoulder the offensive load. Simple as that he is a must play.


Primary Options


Marco Belinelli-Sacramento really needs Belinelli. His ability to help stretch the floor to help with the awful floor spacing that Sacramento has when they have Rondo and Cousins on the floor together. One thing that is so important in the nba is to surround your good players with good shooters so it makes it difficult to double team. Cousins demands a double team when he has the ball so all it takes is a swing pass or two to get Belinelli wide open for a corner three. Belinelli is also a solid passer surprisingly so he can generate a few dimes while flowing in the offense.


Jahill Okafor– It looks like Noel will be out also tonight so it will be pound the rock into Okafor night once again. Big Jonas will be guarding Okafor but that does not concern me at all. Jonas finds a way to get in foul trouble when he actually has to guard someone.


Marc Gasol– With his price continuing to plummet it is only a matter of time before Gasol has a solid game. Memphis will be trying to redeem themselves after getting the 50-piece nugget put on them in them a week and a half ago. I would say Gasol is more of a tournament play because of his matchup with Bogut, but Gasol at a cheap price is something you have to consider.


Greg Monroe– Monroe is definitely the safest play of these three centers listed. Denvers interior defenders might be the worst in the NBA and guys like Monroe can get tons of looks at the basket with nobody guarding him.



Giannis Antetokounmpo– This matchup screams monster game. Giannis was pitiful for a giant stretch of the game last night, but got it going somewhat in the second half. A up tempo game in Denver with Giannis playing two subpar games in a row means getting him at a very attractive ownership percentage relative to his potential production. If you are trying to spend up as shooting guard Derozan is a fine play as well but I could see Giannis having the same game for a cheaper cost.


Jae Crowder– A Michael McClure special to say the least. We all know Crowder is Mike’s favorite player in the NBA (Mikes real life basketball game actually plays a lot like PJ Tucker) Crowder is playing Mike’s Pacers tonight so by default we have to give him a look. Crowder gets to guard Paul George, which gives him a meaningful role in the game tonight so his floor is extremely solid.


Paul George– On the other side of that coin is Paul George. If you watch George play he is trying to show the league that he is back and trying to show that he is just as dominant prior to his injury for team USA last year. This might be the last time you can get George at a relative bargain because he is playing so well.


Cory Joseph– Joseph is basically a hedge against James Johnson. One of those two players has to have a solid game.


Rajon Rondo– I think you can play Rondo now any night and not worry about how he played in Dallas last year. Rondo is getting tons of rebounds and steals to start the season and doing a great job running actual fast breaks in the NBA. George Carl wants the pace pushed and Detroit Sacramento will be a up and down game.


Secondary Options


Isaiah Thomas– Not the biggest fan of the matchup with George Hill but Thomas will try to bounce back from his bad shooting night last night


Kentavious Caldwell Pope– His minutes floor is amazing and he is consistent. Top that off with a good matchup with Sacramento’s lack of perimeter defenders and you have a solid play.


Marcus Thornton– If Terrence Jones sits play Thornton with confidence.




Julius Randle– Randle really has no place in this game with his matchup against Tobias Harris.


Kawhi Leonard– It seems like in the game that has Aldridge returning to Portland for the first time would be the wrong time to play Leonard. Aldridge will probably get a solid uptick in shots and a lot of emotion will be in the arena.


Stephen Curry– I expect Memphis to be all over Curry due to the last game. The game is in Memphis also. You should not even have the money to afford Curry anyways but still should say to not play him because of how good he has been this season.


Final Notes: I do not collaborate with Mike when writing this article every day. For all I know he could be leaning towards using everyone I say to fade. This article is intended to be another viewpoint. Always use the RotoMinds projections and Optimal Linueps as a primary source and use The Eye Test as another look on everything.






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