Thursday DFS MLB Plays


Welcome to Thursday’s edition of RotoMinds Daily MLB Plays. Today we have a very short slate with a lack of pitching options so we are going to recommend that you play lightly or take the day off completely in cash games. The RotoMinds team will be playing very lightly in cash games and focusing a little more on tournaments tonight. Tonight is a great night to take the night off and watch the NBA Finals if you don’t feel like you have to play.

  1. Garrett Richards
  2. David Phelps
  3. Tim Lincecum
  4. Alex Colome
  5. Wade Miley
  6. Tanner Roark

Starting pitching is pretty weak tonight and Garrett Richards is by far the best option for your cash games as the guy with the lowest floor. Richards gets a decent matchup in a great park against Tampa Bay. The last two nights we have seen quality starters get blown up which brings back nightmares of the the top tier pitchers struggling for 2 weeks straight previously this season. Richards has the strikeout upside as well with his 8.5 K/9 rate. David Phelps is another viable option thanks to the long road trip and massive negative park shift for the Rockies. Alex Colome makes the list as well tonight in the same game as Richards. The LAA@TB game will be called by Ed Hickox who is a notorious pitchers ump. Tim Lincecum always has tournament upside on a short slate if you’re looking for a more contrarian play that has a decent shot at picking up a win.

Catcher Rankings

  • Buster Posey
  • Matt Wieters
  • Andrew Susac
  • J.T. Realmuto
  • Jonathan Lucroy

Buster Posey is the play at catcher and the #2 overall hitter in the RotoMinds model tonight. Posey gets a minor park shift tonight against a LHP in relatively good hitters weather. Niese is allowing a wOBA of .341 to right-handed batters over the last 3 seasons. Buster Posey earns a .415 RotoMinds adjusted wOBA in this matchup tonight. Matt Wieters is next in line and he isn’t behind my much… Wieters ranks in the top 20 overall tonight in a matchup at home against LHP Wade Miley. Miley has allowed a .327 wOBA to RHB’s which gives Wieters a .377 RotoMinds adjusted wOBA tonight. With the LHP on the mound, the Giants might give Belt the night off and use Posey at 1B. If Posey is at 1B then we love Andrew Susac as a gpp play at catcher tonight. Susac has crushed LHP in his limited number of AB’s in his career.

1st Base Rankings

  • David Ortiz
  • Anthony Rizzo
  • Adam Lind
  • Lucas Duda

David Ortiz just barely edges out Anthony Rizzo for the top spot on the short slate. Ortiz is much better value where he is 2400 compared to Rizzo at 4400 on FanDuel. Ortiz has struggled a bit this year but we refuse to believe he has lost it completely. Ortiz is an elite value play at 2400 and should be considered in all formats on the short slate. Anthony Rizzo was okay last night and he is near the top of the rankings again tonight at home against the Reds. The wind looks like it’s blowing in at Wrigley tonight which certainly limits the upside a little but he is still a fine play if you have the salary cap. Rizzo is one of those guys with multiple HR upside tonight. Lucas Duda is another nice play tonight against Tim Lincecum. Timmy is a reverse splits guy so that is dropping Duda a bit in the rankings but we will like Duda against Lincecum with a hitters ump behind home plate.

2nd Base Rankings

  • Joe Panik
  • Jeff Baker
  • Ryan Flaherty
  • Dustin Pedroia

Joe Panik and Jeff Baker are the top plays at 2B tonight in the RotoMinds model. Both of these guys hit LHP very well but Panik gets the edge due to the park shift and the fact that he is an every day player now and Baker is just a platoon player who can be pinch hit for at any time. We have touched on Baker’s ability to hit LHP a lot recently so we won’t spend much time there. Ryan Flaherty is another guy that hits lefties well with some pop. The knock on Flaherty is usually the lineup spot where he hits at the bottom of the order.

3rd Base Rankings

  • Kris Bryant
  • Martin Prado
  • Todd Frazier
  • Anthony Rendon

Kris Bryant earns the top spot again tonight at home against a young pitcher. The value here will depend on the weather conditions closer to lock. Bryant is obviously always a great tournament play with power upside but might not be needed in cash games tonight at his price tag. Martin Prado is next in line even back in the awful hitters park in Miami. Prado has a nice .394 RotoMinds adjusted wOBA tonight against Chris Rusin. Also consider Anthony Rendon in cash and in WAS mini stacks in a nice park against the Brewers.

ShortStop Rankings

  • Troy Tulowitzki
  • Ian Desmond
  • Wilmer Flores
  • Brandon Crawford

Tulo is once again the top play at SS even in a huge negative park shift. Tulo is definitely a GPP only play tonight and really anytime he is playing outside of Coors Field. Ian Desmond is next in line and is another guy that has his value tied to his spot in the batting order. On a short slate Desmond is a great play at 2900. If you’re feeling a little contrarian I really like Wilmer Flores against the reverse splits of Tim Lincecum and I aslo like Brandon Crawford in tournaments against the lefty.

Outfield Rankings

Giancarlo Stanton¬†is the #1 OF play and the #1 overall hitter in the model tonight.¬†Stanton is back home in the poor hitters park but we know that doesn’t mean much to the guy that can hit it out of any park in the world. Stanton gets a LHP Chris Rusin and a ridiculous .449 RotoMinds adjusted wOBA tonight.

Outfield Tier 1:

Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Michael Cuddyer, Steve Pearce, Adam Jones, Hanley Ramirez, Denard Span, Marcell Ozuna, Angel Pagan

Outfield Tier 2:

Kole Calhoun, Carlos Gonzalez, Chris Coghlan, Charlie Blackmon, Matt Joyce, Delmon Young, Travis Snider, Ryan Braun.

Mike’s Top Five Team Stacks

Marlins – Stanton, Prado, Baker, Ozuna

Nationals – Harper, Rendon, Span, Desmond

Giants – Posey, Panik, Susac, Duffy,

Mets – Cuddyer, Duda, Flores, Granderson

Cubs – Bryant, Rizzo, Coghlan, Montero, Fowler

Good luck!

Be sure to use the our optimal lineups when they are posted later this afternoon.

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