Thursday DFS MLB Plays


Thursday DFS MLB Plays

Pitching Rankings

  1. Max Scherzer
  2. Scott Kazmir
  3. Matt Boyd
  4. Tyson Ross

Max Scherzer is the obvious clear cut top play tonight and should the your focal point in cash games. Outside of Scherzer and Kazmir there really isn’t anyone to consider in cash games tonight with Ross on the road. Tyson Ross has big upside in a tournament but its still a long shot. Matt Boyd is relatively unknown and it pitching in a hitters park but he deserves a look because of the K/9 rate he has shown.

Catcher Rankings

  • Derek Norris – Norris is the top play in the adjusted wOBA model. The park shift is basically neutral here but Cooley doesn’t throw very hard or strike many guys out. Norris’ value relative to the field will depend heavily on lineup order for the other options tonight.
  • Welington Castillo – Castillo had the night off last night so he should be behind the dish tonight for the D-Backs. Castillo has hit LHP well in his career and typically draws a decent lineup spot with the D-Backs. Elite value if hitting top 5…. cash game playable if hitting 6th.
  • Josh Phegley – Another one of our lefty mashers at the catcher position. The park is less than ideal but Phegley is definitely in play if hitting top 5 again against the southpaw.
  • Russell Martin – Another guy whose value depends heavily on the lineup spot (he has fallen in the order with a healthy Jays team)
  • Rockies Catchers – Every park is a negative park shift for the Rockies outside of Coors, but Chase Field is a good hitting environment

1st Base Rankings

  • Paul Goldschmidt – Goldy at home against a lefty… he is obviously the top play at 1B and the top overall play in ALL of the RotoMinds models tonight.
  • Mike Napoli – Napoli against a young lefty in a hitters park. Napoli is typically reserved for tournaments due to his high variance nature… However, at 2700 with an emphasis on pitching I can definitely support the use of Napoli in cash games on FanDuel.
  • Prince Fielder – Love the Texas lefties in tournaments tonight. Price, Choo, Moreland, Odor.
  • Edwin Encarnacion – We prefer Edwin against RHP but he is definitely in play (and a good hitter against LHP) with all of the plus matchups around him in the lineup.
  • Chris Davis – Davis is a very streaky hitter who is in the middle of a long hit streak right now. I prefer Prince > Davis tonight for similar cost.

2nd Base Rankings

  • Aaron Hill – Ranks as the top play against the LHP. There is some pinch hit risk late in the game but he is a fine play at minimum price if hitting top 5 in the order.
  • Devon Travis – Travis continues to hit at the bottom of a stacked Jays lineup. Elite tournament play tonight but not in play for cash games due to lineup spot.
  • Danny Espinosa – Espinosa is another elite value if he is hitting 2nd tonight. Espinosa is a switch hitter who holds the platoon advantage throughout the game. The park isn’t great here but the value is there at 2500 with the focus on pitching.
  • Jimmy Paredes – Paredes did not disappoint as we called a HR for him in yesterdays write-up. Paredes is a switch hitter but he is really only viable from the left side of the plate. The matchup tonight is a little tougher on paper than last night but its still a +EV spot on a short slate if you can get him in.
  • Rougned Odor – Value depends completely on lineup spot. Solid value play if leading off (top 2)

3rd Base Rankings

  • Josh Donaldson – Donaldson at home against a lefty… you know the drill. The price has dropped to a level that is usable in all formats at just 3900 on FanDuel.
  • Danny Valencia – Valencia has dual positional eligibility on DraftKings so always be sure to use that to your advantage. Another elite hitter against LHP in a great hitters park.
  • Nolan Arenado – Obviously a negative park shift from the mountains, but Chase Field is a great place for a hitter like Arenado. Excellent GPP pivot from Donaldson.
  • Manny Machado – Machado is my candidate for the HR from last night award tonight. We loved him last night and he did nothing. Another solid spot tonight against Gallardo.

ShortStop Rankings

  • Troy Tulowitzki – Tulo is the obvious top play in a good hitters park at Chase Field.
  • Nick Ahmed – Ahmed has been leading off for the D-Backs against LHP. If he draws another lead-off assignment he is a great play in all formats.
  • Xander Bogaerts – Another guy we love against LHP because the price just never seems to move. Great hitting environment for Xander and the Sox tonight.
  • Jose Reyes – Reyes is switch hitter who we prefer from the left side (starting on the right side tonight) but he is still in play due to the team matchup and increased likelihood of bullpen AB’s.

Outfield Rankings

We will want to focus our attention on the Arizona, Colorado and Texas OF plays tonight for your cash games and look towards the Red Sox and Padres OF plays in your tournaments.

Outfield Tier 1:

Jose Bautista, Justin Upton, Hanley Ramirez, A.J. Pollock, Yasmany Tomas, Nelson Cruz, Shin-Soo Choo, Charlie Blackmon, Carlos Gonzalez

Outfield Tier 2:

Mitch Moreland, Mark Trumbo, Billy Burns, Matt Kemp, Josh Hamilton, Mookie Betts, Chris Colabello

Mike’s Top Five Team Stacks

Blue Jays – Donaldson, Bautista, Reyes, Valencia, Encarnacion

Diamondbacks – Goldschmidt, Pollock, Tomas, Castillo, Hill, Amhed

Rockies – Blackmon, Gonzalez, Tulowitzki, Arenado

Rangers – Choo, Moreland, Fielder, Hamilton, Odor

Red Sox, Betts, Bogaerts, Ramirez, Napoli


Good luck!

Be sure to use the our optimal lineups when they are posted later this afternoon.

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