Top Stacks Of NFL Week 5

NFL Week 5

Hello all, I am a new writer to the site, and I am looking forward to delivering great content.  In this article, I will be providing three of my favorite QB+WR stacks that you might want to consider using in your GPPs this week.  I will be using stats from Pro Football Focus’ (hereby referred to as PFF) rating system to justify my selection.  Keep in mind that the new rating system rates each player from 0-100 on each of the player’s stat categories.


Alex Smith and Jeremy Maclin- I sit here in my desk chair listening to orchestral NFL themed music, and I wonder to myself “Why is Kyle Fuller an NFL player?  How did he make it this far?”.  I also wonder to myself why the worst DB on the Bears is covering the top receiver against any team. The guy has a PFF overall rating of 46.6.  Including a pass coverage rating of a whopping 31.1.  Surprisingly, that is only the 10th worst in the NFL, but onto Maclin. The target numbers for Maclin are great.  In the four games, he’s played in so far he seen the following numbers.  8, 7, 12, 12.  That kind of high target consistency is something that we want to see.  This means that Maclin is receiving more opportunities to score fantasy points for your team.  As an overall stack, I expect both of the pair to do well.  Maclin has been well covered already.  Alex Smith should be able to hold his own against a Bears team that people will be high on because they finally won a game.  


Tyrod Taylor and Charles Clay-  Rarely will I be on tight ends.  In fantasy football whether it be in the season long or (and more importantly) the DFS format, the trend seems that you either get Gronk or you punt the position.  But times are desperate for the Bills offense.  They lost Shady McCoy and Karlos Williams to injury.  Now they are down to the third string RB in Boobie Dixon (Don’t lie, the little kid in you chuckled a bit when you first saw the name pop up this week).  Tyrod Taylor alone possesses a lot of GPP upside that is necessary to win tournaments.  But one of his favorite targets in Charles Clay can make the situation even better.  Last week, Clay had 13 targets.  That is to be taken with a grain of salt, however.  The Giants are not as good in TE coverage as the Tennessee Titans are.  The Giants are the second worst team in the NFL against the TE, compared to the Titans who are the 8th worst team.  The Titans allow 13.17 fantasy points per game against the TE through the first quarter of the season.  Along with Sammy Watkins being questionable for the game, this seems like the best bet for a safe stack.  


Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen- Of the three stacks that are here, this is the one that I believe has the most risk associated with it.  But this type of risk is not something that should be avoided in a GPP format.  Why is this a risky matchup you ask?  Allen’s coverage this week is Ross Cockrell.  Cockrell has an 81.1 overall PFF and an 81.7 pass coverage rating.  Allen also has inconstant target numbers.  But I am willing to take a chance that he will have games with target numbers in the 17 and 18 range like he had in weeks one and three.  And risk having games where he has a target number of four, as he did in week two.  With target numbers that high, he is bound to score a good amount of points, especially if you’re on a full PPR site.  The rest of the Steelers defense is not anything to be excited about.  Philip Rivers has the potential to take advantage of these flaws in the Steeler’s defense.  Again, this is the riskiest of the three stacks.  But if they do well, you will see good results in your GPP payday.


If you have any questions or comments about the article or anything DFS related, feel free to tweet and follow me on twitter @Echeney17
Good Luck to all this week!

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