Tuesday DFS MLB Plays

Josh Donaldson DFS

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of RotoMinds Daily MLB Plays. Tuesday greets us with a full slate of 15 games.

Pitching Rankings

  1. James Shields
  2. Sonny Gray
  3. Francisco Liriano
  4. Jason Hammel
  5. Johnny Cueto
  6. Michael Wacha
  7. Gio Gonzalez
  8. Anibal Sanchez
  9. Trevor Bauer
  10. Yordano Ventura

James Shields and Sonny Gray earn the top spot at pitcher on Tuesday night at the time of this article. Shields has been rather unlucky this season with the number of HR’s allowed. Kris Bryant is questionable tonight with an illness… if Bryant can’t go tonight then upgrade Shields even more. Shields has a ton of upside tonight if he can avoid Anthony Rizzo. Shields should be throwing a ton of curves and change ups tonight. Outside of Rizzo, the Cubs really struggle with these pitches and have awful plate discipline. Vegas is well aware of this too with that strikeout prop set at 7 for Big Game James. Sonny Gray is next in line and has a ton of upside against the Astros despite the negative park shift against him. Also considering Francisco Liriano and Jason Hammel.

Catcher Rankings

  • Stephen Vogt
  • Wilin Rosario
  • Yadier Molina
  • Robinson Chirinos
  • Russell Martin

Stephen Vogt ranks as the #1 catcher in RotoMinds adjusted wOBA at .397 in this matchup with Roberto Hernandez. The A’s hitters benefit from a nice positive park shift against a pitcher who has been quite lucky thus far in 2015. Vogt is a fine play in all formats if you have the cap room. Wilin Rosario had a nice game last night and should have another nice night tonight against Aaron Harang. Russell Martin will rank well in most projection systems but we are going to issue a little caution here because of his struggles with the changeup with a -2.44 pfx value vs CH. Santiago only throws this pitch about 15% of the time but the Angels are well aware of hitters who struggle against a certain pitch profile. Don’t let this take you off Martin in tournaments… I still love him there but I’m probably looking elsewhere in cash at his price. Also consider: Robinson Chirinos and Yadier Molina.


1st Base Rankings

  • David Ortiz
  • Freddie Freeman
  • Chris Davis
  • Edwin Encarnacion
  • Ryan Howard

David Ortiz is the top play at 1B tonight on FanDuel where he is just 2900. Ortiz is an elite hitter with a ton of power against RHP. Tonight Ortiz is back at Fenway against a very average/below average pitcher. Ortiz matches up well here in pitch profiles, park factor, weather, platoon splits, everything. So naturally he will go 0-4… okay just kidding. Ortiz is going to hit a HR or walk 3 times as the opposing team pitches around him. Freddie Freeman ranks extremely well in the model but I don’t like the Braves much as a team tonight. Feel free to use Freeman in a tournament. Also consider Ryan Howard (the best possible park shift in MLB against a weak RHP)


2nd Base Rankings

  • Neil Walker
  • Robinson Cano
  • Chase Utley
  • Jimmy Paredes

Neil Walker ranks as the #1 play at 2B in RotoMinds adjusted wOBA but the top 3 all rank very similarly. Walker is a switch hitter who has more power from the left hand side (where he is tonight). The park isn’t ideal but walker is still a nice play in your cash games tonight with his 2800 price tag on FanDuel. Robinson Cano is next in line and benefits from a nice park shift back in Baltimore. Cano is familiar with the park from his time with the Yankees. Chase Utley is the next “top play” Utley gets the added bonus of playing at Coors field against a weak RHP. Utley is a strong play and a great way to get exposure to Coors on FanDuel.

3rd Base Rankings

  • Josh Donaldson
  • Nolan Arenado
  • Adrian Beltre
  • Danny Valencia

Josh Donaldson ranks as the top overall hitter in the model today before he was leading off. He does take a slight hit by leading off vs 2nd-4th but he is still an elite play at 3B tonight. Donaldson has crushed LHP for power in his career. Donaldson’s baseline numbers were generated in Oakland and now he plays in Toronto. The Rogers Center is one of the best parks in MLB for right handed power hitters. Nolan Arenado has a nice matchup against Aaron Harang and should be considered a strong play in all formats if you want to fade Donaldson. Adrian Beltre gets a LHP in a decent park tonight in Boston. Also consider Danny Valencia (lefty masher) if you need cap relief.


ShortStop Rankings

  • Troy Tulowitzki
  • Ian Desmond
  • Erick Aybar
  • Brad Miller
  • Marcus Semien
  • Johnny Peralta

Tulowitzki is the top play once again in projection but I don’t see any reason to pay up for Tulo with a hurt quad. Ian Desmond receives a nice boost hitting 2nd tonight. Tonight we have several viable SS options hitting near the top of the order. Erick Aybar is leading off for the Angels tonight in a large positive park shift against a young pitcher struggling with LHB. Brad Miller continues to hit 2nd and gets a positive park shift (ton of upside here) and we can’t forget Marcus Semien who is a player that is grading out really well for us this year relative to his career numbers.


Outfield Rankings

  • Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Trout, Jose Bautista
  • Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, Corey Dickerson
  • Gregory Polanco, Matt Holliday, Joc Pederson, Hanley Ramirez
  • Coco Crisp, Josh Reddick, Grady Sizemore, Ben Revere
  • Kevin Kiermaier, Klye Blanks, David DeJesus, Ryan Raburn

Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Trout and Jose Bautista all share the top spot tonight. Trout is just the best player in the game and gets a positive park shift playing at Toronto tonight against a young starting pitcher. Giancarlo Stanton is playing in an awful park but we all know how little that means with a guy like Stanton. Stanton really crushes the changeup and I don’t think Hellickson wants to throw him fastballs… Giancarlo will be sitting on a change up at least once tonight if he gets one in the strikezone… watch out. Jose Bautista is next in line and a top play in RM adjusted wOBA right behind teammate Josh Donaldson.

Carlos Gonzalez will basically be locked in to our FanDuel cash games at his price tag. The model likes Cargo (and most hitters at Coors). Cargo is finally looking healthy again and he gets a nice matchup with a pitcher he has absolutely owned in his past (Aaron Harang). Gonzalez is a great way to get exposure at Coors without stacking the team.

Gregory Polanco has a ton of upside tonight tonight. Several might be scared off here due to his recent “struggles” However, the numbers indicate the struggles are more luck related than an actual performance issue. I like Polanco quite a bit tonight.

Team Stacks

Rockies – Gonzalez, Arenado, Rosario, Blackmon

Blue Jays – Donaldson, Bautista, Encarnacion, Valencia

Athletics – Crisp, Vogt, Reddick, Semien

Phillies – Utley, Howard, Miakel Franco, Sizemore

Pirates – Polanco, Walker, McCutchen, Alvarez

Marlins – Stanton, Gordon, Prado, Yelich

Good luck!

Be sure to use the 5-19 Hitting and our optimal lineups when they are posted later this afternoon. 

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