Wednesday DFS MLB Plays


Wednesday, August 26th DFS MLB Plays

2 Cash, 3 GPP for FanDuel and 1 Cash, 3 GPP for DraftKings.

Pitching Rankings

  1. Chris Sale
  2. Johnny Cueto
  3. Chris Archer
  4. David Price
  5. Gio Gonzalez
  6. Shelby Miller
  7. Justin Verlander
  8. Kyle Hendrick
  9. Tyson Ross
  10. Patrick Corbin

Chris Sale earns the top spot at pitcher tonight on a night where we have several viable options. Sale earns the top spot on talent and K-rate a lone. The Red Sox have played much better the last month of the season and the park isn’t ideal but Sale has some nasty strikeout stuff making him the top play. Sale has a great ump with Bill Miller behind home plate tonight. Johnny Cueto and Chris Archer are very close behind. Ultimately Cueto has the higher win probability and Archer has the strikeout upside. Cueto makes a strong tournament play on a site like FanDuel that rewards heavily for the win and Archer is a strong target on a strikeout site like DraftKings. David Price is another guy that could easily be the top play tonight but he has a tough pitching environment to deal with tonight on the road at Texas. Justin Verlander is a very interesting tournament play who has seen great strikeout numbers in recent starts. The Tigers have a good shot at providing run support for Verlander tonight as they face a LHP and they are healthy as a team.

Catcher Rankings

  • Victor Martinez – Victor Martinez is the top play at catcher on FanDuel since Schwarber has been moved to OF. V-Mart is a switch hitter who will bat right handed to start tonight’s game. His teammates should provide several scoring opportunities.
  • Kyle Schwarber – Schwarber is nearly the top overall play at any position. He has a ton of upside despite the road game in a poor park.
  • Russell Martin – Martin is a decent option against Colby Lewis tonight on the road in Texas if he is in the lineup.
  • John Jaso – Jaso is a great play as long as he continues to hit top 4. We are used to Jaso leading off but recently he has moved to the clean up spot making him a better play on both sites now.
  • Francisco Cervelli

1st Base Rankings

  • Miguel Cabrera – Miggy rewarded us last night with a classic Miggy game. Miggy is the safest source of hitting points in fantasy baseball. Great matchup vs a LHP in a decent park. Easily the top target at the position.
  • Joey Votto – Votto is in a L vs L matchup but he is still a great player when it comes to reaching base.
  • Edwin Encarnacion – Edwin gets his R vs R matchup tonight and he is our favorite play from the Blue Jays lineup tonight.
  • Jose Abreu – Abreu gets a home game (great park) against a very average pitcher
  • Anthony Rizzo
  • Carlos Santana – The Indians are one of my favorite stacks tonight with the lefty bats. Santana carries extra value as a switch hitter who has a great ability to reach base consistently from both sides of the plate.

2nd Base Rankings

  • Jason Kipnis – Kipnis had a monster game for us last night and he is easily the top play at 2B tonight. I think you will see much higher ownership levels than last night but he is still the best play in all formats. Kipnis is actually $100 cheaper tonight on FanDuel.
  • Enrique Hernandez – Hernandez has been bumped to the bottom of the order which hurts his cash game value bht he is still a viable option in tournaments tonight on the road in a good park.
  • Daniel Murphy – The Mets are playing very well right now and a healthy lineup will only benefit guys like Murphy who now have protection with other quality bats in the lineup.
  • Ian Kinsler – Big upside vs LHP.
  • Darnell Sweeney – DraftKings Only… Min price punt.

3rd Base Rankings

  • Martin Prado – 3B is a little weak tonight with Prado toping the list at 3B for us in the model. I must say I don’t completely trust this play so its a GPP only play most likely. We will see when all the lineups are in how we feel about this one.
  • Justin Turner – Turner is in another great spot tonight for the Dodgers in a big park shift. Great play in all formats.
  • Todd Frazier – Frazier remains very under priced on FanDuel… plug n play until further notice!
  • Aramis Ramirez
  • Josh Harrison

ShortStop Rankings

  • Jung-Ho Kang – Kang is back in the Pirates lineup tonight as they get another LHP. The park is poor but Kang is a top play with his lineup spot (5th).
  • Jhonny Peralta – Peralta gets another lefty in a good park, making him a top target at SS. Corbin is a good pitcher so it’s not an elite matchup, but a good one.
  • Jose Iglesias – I love Iglesias against LHP and in general in this Tigers lineup. Great play in all formats at his price tag.
  • Alcides Escobar – Escobar remains the best way to get Royals exposure.
  • Wilmer Flores – Flores is really benefiting from the healthy Mets lineup. Great play if he is hitting top 5.

Outfield Rankings

Outfield Tier 1:

Mike Trout, Michael Brantley, Rajai Davis, J.D. Martinez, Ben Zobrist, David Peralta, Yasiel Puig, Denard Span, Jose Bautista

Outfield Tier 2:

Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen, Yasiel Puig, Scott Van Slyke,  A.J. Pollock, Melky Cabrera, Lorenzo Cain

Mike’s Top Six Team Stacks

Blue Jays – Donaldson, Bautista, Encarnacion, Tulowitzki

Dodgers – Puig, Rollins, Turner, Van Slyke

Tigers – Davis, Cabrera, Martinez, Martinez, Kinsler

Indians – Kipnis, Brantley, Santana, Lindor, Chisenhall

Mets – Granderson, Cespedes, Wright, Murphy, Flores

Royals – Zobrist, Cain, Morales, Escobar, Perez


Good Luck!

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