” What drove Armenians to the streets was not foreign

One day I see him at the bar and he really upset, beside himself. A mother saw him by himself on a bench watching the kids and smiling like a weirdo, assumed he was a pervert, called the cops, and a cop came up behind him and said he been watching him, didn see him doing anything wrong, but if he didn leave the park or if he came back again, the cop said he arrest him / bring him into the police station for questioning. Parents get paranoid.

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canada goose clearance sale In truth, it’s safe to say that the Trump administration had nothing to do with events in Armenia. Response to the demonstrations was a weak statement from the embassy in Yerevan asking the government for “restraint” while calling on the protesters to “prevent check my blog canada goose sale https://www.canadagooseparks.com an escalation of tensions.” What drove Armenians to the streets was not foreign provocations but the fact that Mr. Sargsyan’s bet on Russia failed to canada goose outlet london uk deliver. canada goose clearance sale

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