What the difference between a government run project similar to

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moncler outlets uk Sounds like the last lines in Casino:Ace Rothstein: [narrating] The town will never be the same. After the Tangiers, the big best moncler jackets corporations took it all over. Today it looks like Disneyland. And while the kids play cardboard pirates, Mommy and Daddy drop the house payments and Junior college money on the poker slots. In the old days, dealers knew your name, what you drank, what you played. Today, it like checkin into an airport. And if you order room service, you lucky if you get it by Thursday. Today, it all gone. You get a whale show moncler womens jackets up with four million in a suitcase, and some twenty five year old hotel school kid is gonna want his Social Security Number. moncler sale outlet After the Teamsters got knocked out of the box, the cheap moncler jackets mens corporations tore down practically every moncler outlet online one of the old casinos. A week earlier, the Pentagon got rid of “Lifelog”, which was quite similar to Facebook if you assume the purpose was to suck moncler outlet up everyone data for surveillance.Run by Darpa, the Defense https://www.moncleroutletssale.com Department research arm, LifeLog aimed moncler outlet prices to gather in a single place just about everything an individual moncler uk outlet says, sees or does: the phone calls made, the TV shows moncler usa watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, cheap moncler jackets the e mail sent and received. Out of this seemingly endless moncler outlet woodbury ocean of information, computer scientists would plot distinctive routes in the data, mapping relationships, memories, events and experiences.What the difference between a government run project similar to Facebook and a private moncler sale company? The users are much more willing to give up the uk moncler outlet information to a private company. It easier to convince them to moncler outlet sale comply with it.What is the likelihood that a controversial government project could be canceled due to backlash, but then get created cheap moncler sale under another moncler online store name secretly? cheap moncler jackets womens Well, it happened before. The government created a controversial spy program called “total information awareness, another Darpa project, but it was canceled due to public backlash.Although the program was formally suspended, its data mining software was later adopted by other government agencies, with only superficial changes being made. The core architecture of TIA continued development under the code name “Basketball.” According to a 2012 New York Times article, the legacy of Total Information Awareness is “quietly thriving” at the National Security discount moncler jackets Agency (NSA).Last, but not least, something more in line with the title of the post:CIA Chief: cheap moncler coats mens We Spy on You Through Your DishwasherIt so disappointing to see our supposed leaders of this country being so damn clueless. How the hell can they regulate something that they don even understand the basics of? This Facebook thing is a big fucking deal, take the time to learn what is going on! I don care how old they are or if they never used Facebook in their life. They are the only ones who can hold Zuckerberg accountable, yet they demonstrated their utter incompetence on the issue.There is a major supermarket that runs it’s ATM machines on the same network as the rest of the company. To the point that at Christmas the company asked employees not to use YouTube at work, because increased traffic during Christmas was affecting the ATM machines.So let’s say you visit there as an interviewee. You need to use your laptop during the interview. They give you the WiFi password. You connect. Now you’re on the same network as the ATM machines. You connect a coffee machine, and it’s now on the same network.In theory it’s maybe secure. In practice it’s just dumb and risky. It opens a very large attack surface on something that’s pretty fucking critical.A big open secret in the software industry is that engineers like myself see and hear about these bad and risky practices all over the place. Everywhere. You have to segment device networks with stateful firewalls so they can fulfill their purpose, but have no additional access to the corporate network. moncler outlet store Least privileged principal.I did this with connected devices in manufacturing for two years. It takes a ton of manpower and time, especially if the door is already open and you are trying to close it. No one knows what ports and IPs the devices need, so you end up working in cycles of traffic analysis and rule implementation. It takes months to get it done right at each site.This means your firewalls are breeding like rabbits, buildings and sites that haven needed firewalls in the past suddenly need them. How are you going to handle operations for all the new firewalls? uk moncler sale How are you going to maintain a central rule database. moncler sale online We ended up with 600 firewall pairs, using Checkpoint provider 1 to manage them.If they can do this, hackers can hack your smart oven, your smart fridge, and your smart thermostat.Imagine a cyber attack ten or fifteen years down the road, when all new appliances have internet connectivity. Imagine a foreign actor sabotaging these devices. Thousands of homes burned to the ground, tens to hundreds of millions of dollars in economic Cheap Moncler Jackets damage just in spoiled food, millions of consumers facing electric and gas bills in the thousands of dollars through no fault of their own.It could go on and on and on. These devices are not being made with security in mind. It incredibly dangerous. It stupid. It absolutely idiotic to connect appliances to the internet moncler outlets uk.

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