You look at Aunt Jemima today

canadian goose jacket America’s Love Affair with Stereotyped Brands

Canada Goose Jackets I’m Lynn Neary in for Michel Martin, and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News.

For the next six months, NPR is looking at many of the fictional characters that have defined American life from cartoons, movies, television, and more in a series called In Character.

NEARY: canada goose store Today, we are bringing you some characters cheap Canada Goose from the world of advertising. Aunt Jemima, canada goose clearance Uncle Ben and Chiquita Banana, their names are practically synonymous with foods we’ve had on our table since childhood. They’re also Canada Goose Parka full of cultural meaning, perpetuating and occasionally reinventing the stereotypes of people of color in your kitchen.

Last week, before Michel Martin headed down to South Carolina, she talked about these characters with two people who know a lot about this part of advertising’s history. Davis and a professor of African American studies. Myra Mendible is a professor of English and interdisciplinary studies at Florida Gulf Coast University. Michel led things off with a look back at one of the most familiar ads.

cheap Canada Goose MICHEL MARTIN: Well, when you think of pancakes, few characters come to mind, I think, as readily canada https://www.canadagoosesale.info goose coats on sale as Aunt Jemima.

canada goose clearance sale Unidentified Man 1: Aunt Jemima.

Canada Goose Outlet Unidentified Chorus canada goose (Singing) I wish I was in the land of cotton. Old times there are not forgotten. Look away, look away, look away

canada goose coats Unidentified Man 1: Smiling, happy Aunt Jemima. Famous for her secret recipe pancakes, waffles, and buckwheat. What’s your happy thought for today?

canada goose clearance AUNT JEMIMA: Well, Mr. (unintelligible) folks says you can’t buy buy canada goose jacket cheap happiness, but you can earn it.

canada goose coats on sale Unidentified Man 1: Yes, Aunt Jemima. And I guess we all want to be happy.

canada goose MARTIN: I guess we do. Patricia Turner, how did Aunt Jemima come to be?

canada goose store Prof. Davis): Aunt Jemima canada goose uk black friday has her roots really in the minstrel era of the 19th century when dancing happy slaves were depicted on the stage, usually by whites in black face. And it was so popular that when advertisers at the end of the 19th century were looking for an icon for what was then a new convenience food my students find it hard to believe that pancake mix qualifies as a convenience food but they thought that they could latch onto this image of the mammy. And they hired a former slave to slough pancakes at cheap canada goose uk a world fair, where they were hoping to sell the mix to grocery store chains.

canada goose deals MARTIN: And clearly buy canada goose jacket that image persisted in that form for quite some time. In the canada goose clearance sale commercial we just played was from, I think, in the 1940s. It’s just interesting to me that there wasn’t a resistance to that before then. Or maybe it shouldn’t be surprising.

canada goose black friday sale Prof. TURNER: Yeah, that was a very familiar image. It was less derogatory in some ways than another kind of image of black women as very slovenly and ill kept and unable to take care of themselves. canada goose sale There were in pockets of the black community resistance to these images, but it really wasn’t until the Civil uk canada goose outlet Rights Movement that they were revisited.

MARTIN: Does Aunt Jemima have the same what’s the word I’m looking for sort of sting to African Americans Canada Goose Outlet as Uncle Tom does?

Prof. TURNER: I think Uncle Tom and I think for the wrong reasons canada goose black friday sale has more of the sting than Aunt Jemima. And I think it really depends, Michel, on what time period you’re talking about. You look at Aunt Jemima today, there’s Canada Goose online no calico. uk canada goose She’s not as overweight as she used to be. But if you look at her in my grandmother’s time, canada goose coats if you look at the way in which the company imagined her canada goose uk outlet then with a what was called a head rag, great, big toothy grin, very much overweight that was one of the only images of black women that were available to young people Canada Goose sale at that time. As I said, there were some resistance and dissatisfaction around that.

Canada Goose sale MARTIN: As you pointed out, Aunt Jemima has had several makeovers through the decades. What form is she in now?

buy canada goose jacket Prof. TURNER: She Canada Goose Coats On Sale I think that what the company is going for is the black Betty Crocker look, you know? That she could be a professional, perhaps someone even with a degree Canada Goose Jackets in food science or home economics, who has been in a laboratory crafting the perfect breakfast products for consumers as opposed to the much older image that this was her own special secret recipe that she came up with for the mass and the little children.

Canada Goose Parka MARTIN: I think people probably don’t remember this, but Aunt is controversial because there was resistance to giving people the dignified title of Ms. or Mrs., so Aunt was an honorific, right, instead of calling somebody Mr., Ms. Jemima.

Prof. TURNER: Yeah. It was sort of a continuum, so that at one end, you would have, you canada goose uk shop know, small, white children able to call an elderly black man, maybe a minister, by his first name. At the next step Canada Goose Online on he continuum would be some degree of dignity that might come with the aunt or the uncle. And then the final bestowing of dignity would be if he had any title at all, or he was called Mr. or Mrs., or reverend or doctor or whatever. So, that aunt or uncle was, in some circles, actually considered to be a better way of addressing an older person, at least then the first name, which was not really that uncommon.

Canada Goose online MARTIN: And when talking with your students now, how do they see Aunt Jemima?

Prof. TURNER: It’s very dependent upon their families. If their families have given them some kind of context for what Aunt Jemima used to look like canadian goose jacket and the clip that you played is perfect for those days, canada goose factory sale then my students do have some ambivalence about the image. There are other student who are unfamiliar with that past or unfamiliar with that history with Aunt Jemima. You know, from pancakes to politicians, there’s no one black perspective on anything.

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